Wilmington Police hosts inaugural event for National Forensic Science Week

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington Police Department held an inaugural event on Thursday evening, that aimed to mentor kids and give them a glimpse into law enforcement careers.

About forty middle and high school students gathered at WPD’s headquarters for the kick off of its “CSI Behind the Tape” event.

The event was held from 6pm to 8pm, showing kids what it’s like to step into the shoes of a crime scene investigator.

It’s all part of National Forensic Science Week, and the kids are thrilled to learn more.

“All of the forensics,” said Violetta Baillon, participant.
“I want to do a crime scene,” said Ashley Hicks. participant.
“I want to know exactly how they analyze fingerprints,” said Baillon.
“Like how do they get their photos,” said Hicks.

There were six stations set up, giving kids an opportunity to learn all sorts of things like the DNA of strawberries, chemical processing, dusting for fingerprints, crime scene photography, and ballistics.

“We figured it would be a good idea to bring some kids in, the middle and high school age kids, show them what we do every day, and a lot of them watch TV shows, and they have a lot of interests nowadays in this kind of stuff. So, we thought we’d give them a little, –you know, basic introduction,” said Sgt. Craig Melville, Wilmington Police CSI Unit.

Sergeant Craig Melville says it’s all part of helping them understand what real CSI investigators do.

“Some of them are realistic and some of them, of course, are far-fetched. So, we’ll kind of answer some of their questions. Things that they see on tv. If that’s reality or not, so a lot of times they think we get things back in two seconds, and sometimes that’s not the case. So, we’ll answer any questions they might have,” said Melville.

Melville said he hopes some of those questions lead to even more curiosity about pursuing a law enforcement career.

The Wilmington Police Department has also been posting facts on Facebook about CSI, each day this week for National Forensic Science Week.



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