Wilmington service dog nonprofit opens new facility

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington nonprofit is set to host an open house to show off its new facility. Canines for Service operators have opened up a new facility on Old Dairy Road in Wilmington off of Market Street.

Canines for Service has been around for about 20 years pairing those with disabilities with canine companions. The organization trains rescue dogs to meet a number of needs like helping children with literacy, veterans with disabilities and therapeutic services.

The organization has expanded so they can provide more dogs to people with a need.

Rick Hairston, Canines for Service President and CEO, said it took about a year to finish the expansion. He said the old facility was 1,600 square feet and the new location is 5,000 square feet. He said it’s not only bigger but it also now includes an outdoor area.

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Hairston. “We are getting it all adapted and adjusted to exactly where we need for training.”

Hairston said with all that space they expect to triple the amount of people they will be able to help.

“We’ve already placed 80 service dogs throughout the country, so that means if we can triple that’ll be 240 but that’s going to be over the next four or five years,” said Hairston. “Now we have an opportunity to, like I said, triple our size which means that we can provide a huge amount of services for our community.”

Next Wednesday Canines for Service will host their open house event to introduce community members to the new facility. It’ll begin at 4:30 p.m.

You can help out the organization by clicking the Canines for Service link.


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