Wilmington woman pleads guilty to leaving newborn in trash can

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The woman charged with leaving her newborn in a trash can in Wilmington entered a guilty plea in court on Monday morning. She received the highest possible sentence for someone with no criminal history in this case, between 16 and 20 years.

Macedo pleaded guilty to felony first degree attempted murder, intentional child abuse, and negligence leading to serious injury.

On July 16, 2020, then 21-year-old Mayuri Macedo gave birth to a baby boy in her toilet. After leaving the crying newborn in the toilet for several hours, Macedo put the newborn in trash bag and placed it in the trunk of her car. With the temperatures in the high 80’s, Macedo then buckled up her two-year-old daughter into the same car and drove it to get groceries. She later placed the trash bag in a dumpster behind a church.

The abandoned baby was discovered  by a passer-by who heard him crying as she walked her dog past Christ Community Church on Fairview Drive off Carolina Beach Road.

“I was walking my dog and went by a trash can and all of the sudden heard a noise of a baby crying and I almost passed it, but I thought I should go back,” the woman said in the 911 call. “I went back and I looked in the trash can and there was a trash bag, and thought “oh my God.” So I went to try to get help, but nobody was there so then I looked at the trash bag and still heard cries so I ripped it open for air and ran to the apartment to get someone to help me.”

The baby boy was close to death, with his umbilical cord tied around his neck. He survived thanks to the passerby.

Macedo admitted to law enforcement she placed the child in the trash bag and dumpster, saying she had quote, “No love for the baby.”

The DA’s Office said the act was pre-meditated. They found a letter from a prenatal doctor’s appointment in May, an unopened bottle of prenatal vitamins, and pamphlets in English and Spanish offering free medical resources, none of which Macedo used.

Assistant DA Lance Oehrlein said Macedo had other options but still chose this one.

“A good reminder is we have a safe surrender, safe haven law in North Carolina that allows any parent to bring a child within seven days of birth with no questions asked to a safe, responsible adult,” he said. “You won’t get prosecuted for anything.”

That baby, who is now almost two years old, and his sister now stay with their father.

In a statement to the court, Maryuri Macedo said:

“I love my children very much. If I had been in the right mind, none of this would have happened. I feel so bad for my beautiful son, beautiful daughter, and my family. The guilt and the pain will never go away. I hope someday they can forgive me.”

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