Wilmington City Council holds retreat at airport

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council is on a retreat. They spent all day at the Wilmington International Airport discussing important issues.

Council covered a wide range of topics at the retreat, but no big decisions were made. Some of the biggest items on the agenda revolve around improving downtown Wilmington.

There is still no Convention Center hotel, and nothing will likely happen with it for a least a couple months. The city is now looking for a consultant or broker to put an investment deal together.

A public farmer’s market under consideration downtown sparked a big debate among council members. Council talked about ways to simplify plans for the market and lower the cost.

“A lot of what some folks may think is minutiae, but a lot of things that we need to talk about, because they all affect our budget, so we’re here looking out for what may be happening in our next year,” Ronald Sparks said.

Council also talked about historic preservation and adding police officers downtown to cut down on nightlife problems.

As far as a financial update, the city will face a shortfall again next year, but it it’s too soon to say how far in the hole the city will be. The city’s next fiscal year begins in July.

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