WMPO curbs collector street plan

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Transportation planners have curbed an idea to create a series of collector streets they said would help ease traffic in Wilmington in the future after citizens provided plenty of negative reaction.

In a news release, the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) says community feedback it received in a series of public workshops included strong opposition to the collector street plan.

“While it is imperative to plan for the future of the community so as to ensure the safety and mobility of the people in our region, it is also important to have community support for these long-range efforts,” the release said. “Since community support was divided at best, we have elected to discontinue work on the plan and will not recommend adoption of the plan or map.”

The collector street plan would have taken advantage of streets that connect two busy roads to help ease traffic. WMPO Executive Director Mike Kozlosky explained to WWAY in October that one example is Rogersville Road, which links Wrightsville Avenue with Eastwood Road.

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