Woman falls from public dock during holiday flotilla

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Some people in Carolina Beach woke up Sunday a little sore. At the annual flotilla Saturday night, a few people ended up in the canal with the boats.

Rebecca Triplett was one of those people. She said it was dark ouside and just took one step too far.

“Being submerged underwater,” Triplett said. “I had a minute where I thought ‘maybe this is how I’m gonna die.'”

Triplett went to Carolina Beach Marina to watch the annual holiday flotilla.

Her dog was with her, so she was standing further back from the rest of the crowd.

“At night you can’t tell the dock ends,” Triplett said. “And there’s a space between the dock and the wall.”

Before the parade even began, Triplett took one step too far.

“I just pulled my dog and I took one step backwards,” she said. “That made me fall backwards and I hit my head on the cement and into the water.”

Triplett says she’s heard of at least three more people who fell in the night of the flotilla.

She says the lighting is a big issue..

“It creates a shadow about half a foot onto the dock where you cannot tell the difference in the dock and the water,” she says.

Triplett goes onto say she loves the dock and believes its an asset to the town, she just thinks some safety upgrades could be made.

“Make sure that its not just a beautiful place and a usable place,” she said “But make sure its a safe place for everybody.”

Luckily, Triplett made it out of the water with just bumps and bruises and for that she thanks the people who quickly reacted..

“Instantly they came to my rescue,” she said. “I wish I could say thank you.”

When WWAY contacted town officials on Monday, they had not heard of the event. The “crime scene tape” by the docks has since been removed and they are not currently planning any upgrades.

As for Triplett, she says the speculation on social media that alcohol must have been involved is wrong. She had not been drinking at all and it was just a freak accident.

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