Female innovators share wisdom with local entrepreneurs

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The women behind the Tiger Eye Security System met with local innovators and entrepreneurs to talk strategy at the UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Tiger Eye is a quarter-sized, voice activated piece of wearable tech that is aimed at helping women in the event of an emergency.

“It is designed to connect you with a live operator who will find out the nature of your emergency, summon police or ambulance to the scene of the crime, warn the perpetrator to leave the scene, photograph and audio record the perpetrator and send the data to the cloud so they can capture and prosecute them later,” said founder and president CJ Scarlet.

Scarlet herself was a victim of sexual assault and is very passionate about helping to make sure other women do not have to go through what she did. CEO Lynn Yanyo met Scarlet through her business focused on helping entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. Last year, Tiger Eye went to the national level of the InnovateHER competition, a pitch competition aimed at products for women and families.

Wilmington will be home to the regional InnovateHER competition next month on November 13. At today’s workshop, local innovators were able to pick the brains of the ladies from Tiger Eye and practice their pitches in preparation for the competition.

“For women entrepreneurs in particular, it can feel like you’re really always slogging uphill because there are so few of us and it’s still new and the way that we approach things and the way that we feel about things is really really different than men,” said Yanyo. She encourages folks that have an idea to pursue it.

Both Scarlet and Yanyo agree that InnovateHER is an important competition, because women are an important part of the economy.

“Venture capitalists tend to be men and when they look at an opportunity they look at it through their lens. And I’m not saying that’s wrong, just simply that they can’t relate sometimes to whether or not a bra size fits or we need a new way to measure our pregnancy,” said Yanyo. “And so having something that’s focused that said no we really do think the market is there and there are businesses that can focus on women and we are 51% of the population and we’re 85% of the buying population then I think you get a better win.”

Scarlet and Yanyo said that preparation is key to making any pitch successful.

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