Worms found in school lunches on Fort Bragg

File image of school lunch (Photo: USDA)

FORT BRAGG, NC (WTVD) — A Fayetteville mom who doesn’t want to be identified is outraged over what was found in her daughter’s cafeteria food.

Worms. Yes, the school confirms worms were served to students Tuesday.

“My 10-year-old who can barely find something red in their face–within 5 minutes noticed there’s worms in her food,” the woman said to ABC11.

The incident happened last Tuesday at Irwin Intermediate School on Fort Bragg.

The mother quickly logged onto social media to see if her child was the only student spotting worms crawling on their plate.

“Within 5 minutes of my post, I had comments from 10 moms saying my child literally just told me this.”

ABC11 spoke to a father of a student at the school by phone. He said his son saw the worms too.

“They deserve to eat a decent meal without any worms,” said the father who also did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.

A Department of Defense Education spokesperson said last Monday the school district received 24 cases of broccoli from the Department of Agriculture containing harmless worms–unaware to them. The next day the broccoli was served.

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