WPD meet with Creekwood residents, community leaders

WILMINGTON — Wilmington Police went to Creekwood Wednesday night to speak to residents and community leaders.

Their goal: making a dangerous neighborhood a safer place to live.

Creekwood resident Glendora Mullins said, “I’m scared of walking to the mailbox. I’m afraid of getting shot out here… It used to be a safe place.”

The monthly meeting at the community center in Creekwood addresses the problems residents face and how they can solve them.

Mullins said, “We need to come together as a community.”

It wasn’t just residents and community leaders at the meeting. WPD was there too, looking for partners in taking criminals off neighborhood streets.

WPD Capt. George Hickman said, “We can’t solve murders by ourselves. We need people to come forward that have information there our eyes and ears.”

Another suggestion: building and strengthening family ties.

Parent advocacy adviser Herbert Harris said, “Right now I think the key thing is to develop that connection between the parents and the kids.”

One thing is certain, says Mullins, in order to live in peace: it takes a village.

Mullins said, “We can’t do it alone. We need everybody to pull together. Not just one two three, we need the community.”

Representatives from the Boys and Girls club were also there. They’ve started a new initiative with the Wave Transit: free passes to get kids from the neighborhood to and from the club.

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