Wrightsville Beach captains assist in late night rescue at Masonboro Inlet Jetty

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Two boaters are okay on Monday thanks to the help of Wrightsville Beach captains.

TowBoatUS Captain and Salvage Diver Tom Morgan was one of the responders to the distress call received on a marine radio frequency just before 9 pm on Sunday night.

“We had a 25-foot center console that at a fairly high rate of speed coming in at night at Masonboro Inlet on the jetties, hit the jetty, and ended up on top of the jetty in between the rocks with two people stranded on board,” Morgan said.

When the boat collided with the jetty, the female passenger was ejected from the vessel.

“She then managed to crawl back into the boat. There’s a lot of wave action, current, that kind of thing, and the rocks are very dangerous especially at night,” Morgan said. “Luckily, they had a working radio and were able to call for help.”

With the help of Jesse Pusheé, the first TowBoatUS captain on the scene, Morgan tied a rope from the stranded boat to his.

“They then used that as kind of a ladder to get into the water to pull themselves to safety into deeper water away from the rocks and then Captain Jesse came in and got them out of the water,” Morgan said.

Not only did Pusheé help pull the boaters out of the water, he helped in another way too.

“Interesting, the woman had no shoes on. It’s a good part of the story, she was concerned because the rocks are dangerous to be on,” Morgan said. “There are barnacles and shells, and they’re very sharp, so we passed her Jesse’s shoes. We attached them to the line and got it over there to them. She was able to put on the shoes, the life jacket, get in the water, and get to the safety and get out of the water.”

For those navigating the waters as the weather warms up, Captain Morgan emphasizes the importance of understanding your vessel and radios, as well as knowing where you are.

“Be aware. Be aware and always be defensive. And wearing your personal floatation device, that’ll save your life,” Morgan said.

The Coast Guard also responded to the call. After the TowBoatUS captains pulled the boaters from the water, Morgan says the Coast Guard took over to administer medical treatment.

He says to the best of his knowledge, the injuries were not severe. However, the boat had pretty extensive damage. Atlantic Marine helped lift it out of the water just before midnight.

For more boater safety tips, visit the TowBoatUS website. Morgan says boaters who are new to the area, or new boaters in general, can reach out to be connected with a local captain to learn more about the waters to help them better navigate the area.


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