Y’s Princess Program promotes daddy-daughter bond

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When you think princesses, you probably think ball gowns and tiaras. But the Wilmington YMCA paints a different picture. It’s one centered around the bond between girls and their fathers.

To be a princess, you have to scream like one. Not what you expected?

The young ladies in the YMCA’s Princess Program make up the Y’s Wacamaw Nation. Their “tribes” include girls and their dads.

“We do everything from camping canoeing and fishing, skating, sailing, we do community service,” YMCA Princess Program coordinator Emily Foster said.

The activities this build better relationships.

“I get a lot more time with my dad,” Avery Jones said. “I can get away from my brother, because, well, he always steals my dad.”

“I like to build with him, and I like to mess around and play jokes,” McClain McIntyre said.

“I like to spend time with my dad and meet new people and have fun,” Alex said.

The girls clearly agree, and as one father puts together a torch, he knows he’s really making lasting memories.

“In this day and age you’re almost always in contact by cell phone,” John Alan Jones said. “So when you can get away somewhere alone, you really do have an incredibly high quality time you can have with your daughter, and it is wonderful.”

It only take a few tools — drills, bolts and paint to name a few — to build everything from picnic tables to torches and so much more.

“When we had our first overnight we went out of town for two nights, and on the way up there she chose to ride with her friends,” John Alan Jones said. “But on the way back she could have ridden with her friends, but she wanted to ride with her daddy alone and spend some time in the car.”

you can attend an informational meeting about participating in the Princess Program tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the YMCA on Market Street.

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