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TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

READ MORE: TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Insurance offers peace of mind. But two UPS customers say they've had nothing but headaches ever since they filed insurance claims after their items were damaged during shipping. Instead of getting their money, they were denied. So they contacted our Troubleshooters for help.

Tim Dreggors says he is out $400-$600 after he shipped some optic drives to California. Ten of the 15 drives arrived damaged. Since he had insured his package when he dropped it off at the UPS Store in Porters Neck, he was not worried. But UPS denied his claim, because of the way the package was packed.

"Individually wrapped and bubble wrapped, and they were double boxed with bubble wrap and newspaper between the two boxes, and I thought that would be quite sufficient," Dreggors said. "Apparently UPS guidelines request more."

He resubmitted the claim, and UPS denied it again. But there was a mix-up. The denial letter he got this time was actually addressed to a Hampstead woman, who's insurance claim UPS also denied.

That's how he met Cindy Coyne, who is also fighting UPS to get reimbursed for the gift she sent to family in Florida. The box was banged up, and the gift was broken.

"So I am really out the cost of the item, which was $130-something, then the insurance and had no gift come Christmas," Coyne said.

Again, UPS denied an insurance claim saying the package wasn't packed properly. Coyne says she used corkboard, newspaper and bubble wrap.

"Why do you sell insurance that you're not honoring?" Coyne said.

We contacted the owner of the UPS Store, who told us these claims go through the corporate office. We called the UPS Store corporate office and got them to look into both claims again. They told us the shipping company, which is UPS, denied them again. So we made another call. This time, to the UPS corporate office.

A spokesperson told us boxes must be packed according to their exact guidelines, which are so detailed, they even tell you what type of cardboard to use and how thick the cushioning and tape need to be. These two packages did not fit those guidelines.

"People beware," Dreggors said. "Read the fine print, you know? Stipulations. I guess there's a catch to everything."

UPS also added that it's not insurance a customer buys. It's called declared value. If your item is worth more than one-hundred dollars, you can choose to declare a higher value for the item and pay an additional charge.

As for getting that money back, though, as Coyne and Dreggors learned, don't count on it, unless you follow the exact packaging guidelines you can find on the UPS website, or you can pay extra to have the UPS Store package the items for you, and if they're damaged, you are guaranteed your money back.

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UPS just got me they just

UPS just got me they just keep stalling and denying and closing the case. I will not use UOS again

UPS bogus

If I went into every detail, I'd run out of space here.
Fact they damaged the item, said it wouldn't be returned, said the claim was valid, said it wasn't valid,
then returned the item, two days later said I had to inspect the package which by then had been opened, repackaged and ret-taped by UPS, and by then I had tossed the box and packaging into the recycling.
Not at any time did they tell me to keep the box, or report on it in any way.
They simply messed me around, telling me it was all ok, until I tossed the packaging, then wanted
me to report on the box.
If I had known it was up to me, I would have just taken a picture.
This is a total rip off... there is nothing on the prepare a shipment page that instructs me as to
box or material. I have shipped many times with Fed Ex and never had damage, and I have had two
guitars and now an amplifier wrecked by UPS.
I'm done with these creeps.


2 months ago my package was damaged ups sends you to crawford & Company and its a real joke!! ups will deny your claim for insufficient packaging if you were lucky enough to have the package lost then you might get paid but they will stall for month hoping the package is found. This company will give you like 10 phone numbers and extension numbers for people the seem to be never there you get their voicemail.Like seriously I got like six numbers for supposed to be the claim representatives like 18775244493, 18772257625. if its lost theyll say its been approved for payment but it's being finalized and they said there's no way to expedite the process or give me an estimated time when I will get the check. GOOD LUCK SHIP STUFF FEDEX!!

UPS DAMAGE 2 shipments now

I like all of you have stupidly paid for the UPS so called insurance. I had a collector firearm shipped to me and it was damaged. The fine people at UPS denied the claim and the seller wouldn't do anything for me, there goes at least $600 out the window as the valuse has been decreased due to the damage, and you cannot find parts for these guns. Now I have a second item again a collector firearm and again I paid the seller extra to package it properly and pay for insurance - he shipped it through UPS and it was damaged - UPS originally said to leave it at the receiving location so they could inspect it and then they apparently waived the inspection as I was told no one came to look at it and said I could go pick it up. I did send them pictures of the damage. It has been over a month and still awaiting a resolution. I likewise would join a class action lawsuit if others are willing. UPS should be made to pay for damage their employees cause.

Class Action

I recently shipped an expensive autographed basketball and it arrived damaged. It was wrapped by me but taken to an approved UPS "store" for additional packing and shipping. I was asked if I wanted to purchase insurance and of course I would, but I really had to think twice before purchasing at the total for the boxes, peanuts, shipping plus insurance was close to $200.00. The ball arrived deflated and split. I was told by PostNet(the shipper) that UPS was the best way to ship over other carriers. I insisted that the ball be double boxed and am not certain the reason for the deflation other than temperature change or conveyers used by UPS to move shipments. The box was not damaged only a little dirty (per PostNet) in the pictures provided by UPS to them. If the box was a little dirty, perhaps it fell causing the damage to the ball. I was told that the ball would be separated because of "high value" and handled with special treatment only by supervisors from station to station. I took one week for arrival so I'm thinking it was trucked. Who knows how many times the ball was randomly "dropped" by UPS truckers. I'm very upset, and I agree with others that it's easy to automatically deny claims, particularly if you self-insure. The longer you can delay the more money you make. Please reply if interested. Thanks for letting me vent!

Broken machine

I would love to be contacted for a class action law suite.
I had a vending machine shipped to me. Even had the UPS man picking up the box look at all the packaging and he said it looked fine.
Box came, many broken pieces, machine does not even start.
Claim was denied, but I will not give up. I have MANY pictures, even though neither Crawford, or UPS care to see anything.

UPS Broken Shipments

UPS refused to honor my claim for broken antique items. They blamed me for insufficient packaging which allowed them to avoid all liability. UPS puts a hole through the box, compressed it and then blamed me for insufficient packaging. I'd hate to see how UPS treats packages that are not marked "fragile." Even the airlines compensate passengers for suitcases are damaged by the handlers. I'm so sorry I trusted UPS. They should be put out of business!

UPS Damage claim with no help

Well, Mom died in June and she left me a family portrait in the family since 1880. Brother built a wooden crate with metal corners to send out to Calif to me. put picture in garbage bag and suspended picture frame in spray foam all around the picture in middle of the crate he built. Wrote all kinds of warnings all over the box. This side UP, fragile, do not drop etc... We insured it for $3000 to help keep it safe. It was not delivered on the day it was supposed to be so i called on Monday and found it was damaged so i went to pick it up.. Box was fine but the glass was all inside the box and had shredded the picture to hell.. Filed a claim and they came out to take pictures. Got a call from UPS they denied the claim since it was wrapped in a garbage bag... Well we read on your site things can be incased in spray foam to protect again damage. All she could say was it was wrapped in garbage bag. Per their email to use bubble wrap. I told her if it was wrapped in bubble wrap and you dropped it and broke the glass the pic would still have been tore up since it would keep the glass inside the wrap to damage it still.. Im taking them to small claims court over it.. will see how it turns out..

Ups insurance is a disgrace

I shipped a woodworking machine in the manufacturer's box, and insured it for full value of $1200.
They dropped it, and damaged it beyond repair.
The manufacturer quoted it as a write-off upon viewing photos.
The machine has a list price of $1200.
So. It was insured at its proper value, I.e., it was not excessively insured, or under- insured.
I put in a claim, along with the letter from the manufacturer saying it was not repairable.
Ups sent me a cheque 2 weeks later. It was for $800.
I called ups, and claimed they short-paid me by $400.
They said "that was all the machine was worth"
They then asked me what I paid for it.
I couldn't believe this. I told them the machine was $1200 new, and I paid insurance for that amount.
They wouldn't budge.
I then had to write 2 very strong letters, and contact a lawyer. They finally paid what they legitimately owed me.
Really crummy attitude, and borderline illegal .

address you sent complaint to

Can you post the address and contact information you sent your letter/emails too please. Any help would be great. I am just beginning a dispute that is clearly their fault and they immediately denied my initial claim.

UPS insurance

All shippers using a UPS store should be aware that if a package is lost or damaged by UPS then the shipper will not be refunded anything. Do not let the insurance fool you.

It is true that UPS stores

It is true that UPS stores do not sell "insurance" to the customer, nor is the customer actually considered the shipper for reimbursement purposes. I had a $500 ceramic sink broken in shipment by UPS, when I contacted the store where I shipped it in Tampa, I was told by the owner that any reimbursement is paid to the store owner. It is up to the store owner to pay the customer what he/she thinks the item is worth. The owner always has the option to not pay anything and still receive reimbursement for the damaged item. A shady business if you ask me...


Somebody should put a link to this thread in a review at each UPS store web site. Put the little stores where they belong ... "OUT OF BUSINESS"

UPS ruined my studio sound recorder

I shipped a professional recording console to a buyer in MN and I packaged it up very well with extra care and packaging materials. The person receiving the system said that it was damaged in shipping. I did take out insurance on the shipping for the amount of $600.00 which was the purchase price of the buyer and it cost me $121.00 to ship the item. I made a claim after the buyer stated that it was damaged and was told by UPS that the system would be picked up and investigated and returned to me in the packaging that it was sent in. I received the system sitting on my front porch with no box or packaging material and it was wrapped in plastic wrap. When it came back to me it had been destroyed during the return trip. When the buyer got the system he sent me pictures of the system and showed me the damage. It was minor in comparison to the state the system was in upon return. UPS has denied my claim saying that I hadn't packaged it correctly which is totally false and then they returned it to me in worst shape because of the packaging they sent it back to me in. It's strange to me that they said I didn't package it right and then they send it back to me in plastic wrap like you'd wrap your sandwich for lunch in. Seriously, it was the same kind of wrap! This was a vintage hard to find piece of studio equipment and is now good for nothing and I'm out $721.00 because of the flagrant mistreatment during shipping that I even paid insurance for. The damage to my system is so bad that it is obvious to me that it was handled very poorly and they won't stand behind it. There are knobs completely broken off and even screws missing from places that should never even been touched during shipping. Out of 11 fader knobs that are on the unit there are at least 7 of them that have been destroyed or just plain missing. The thick plastic cover that was there that goes over the tape drive was even broken off. There is such damage to the unit that I even feel it was damaged on purpose because you would have had to work at damaging this piece of equipment to the degree that they did it. I took pictures of the unit as it sat on my front porch before I opened it while it was still in the plastic wrap and you can see the damage through the plastic. I then took pictures of all the damaged areas on the system and documented each one with notes and sent it into UPS only to hear that they denied it twice. So how is it ok for them to tell me that they are not going to except my claim because of the way I packaged it and then send it back to me unpackaged and damaged to the point of being destroyed by their hands? It's just amazing to me that this company has any business at all with this sort of business practices. I could have at least had it fixed if they would have sent it back to me shipped in a box and taken care of. Now it's ruined and they won't stand behind it. What good was it for me to buy the extra insurance? I'm getting tired of reading on here where UPS doesn't sell insurance. That's a load of bull crap because I was asked if I wanted to buy insurance. If they aren't calling insurance then their people that are excepting packages shouldn't be asking clients to buy insurance because that's the words they are saying. When one buys insurance they are expecting to get paid a claim when that material is damaged. This is nothing shy of the stealing of my money. I will gladly join anyone else in a lawsuit!

Feel for you

Buddy, I am still dealing with these idiots. In late Sept I sold a vintage Tascam multitrack recorder on ebay and decided since I didn't have enough packing material I would have the UPS Store (so-called professionals) pack and ship it, as they guarantee their services! Yeah right. So I bring it in to the store taped up in plastic sheeting from a mattress we had just bought, just to keep out dust. In the heavy duty box I brought in was a small strip of bubble wrap, a bag of peanuts and a small strip of pillow wrap. I told the kid I need you to pack it securely and "insure" it for X amount. He says yep, we will take care of it. A few days later the recipient gets it and the front of the machine is all smashed in. He sends me pics of the damage and the packing job. Whoever packed it put it face down with NO ADDITIONAL PACKING MATERIALS so basically it is unprotected, just swimming around in this big brown box (not the one I provided, btw). I had to refund the buyer a ton of dough for cost, shipping plus some parts he thought might make it usable, but didn't. UPS picks it up from the buyer and takes it in for claims examination. Of course they never bother to contact me. I call and email to store and the owner totally blows me off and denies any culpability and tells me to take it up with UPS (we're non-affiliated). I call UPS and they say it is in claims for examining. Okay I wait a week or so and call back, what is going on with my claim. They said, Oh we already examined it and shipped it back to the The UPS Store. I said well thanks for sharing. UPS says we have agreed to pay, but you have to work out the payment and paperwork with the UPS Store because we are their customer of record. Okay, great! Wow. So I call The UPS Store and eventually speak to the owner. She is a royal b----. She totally blows me off, in a nutshell saying it is none of their responsibility while I am saying the process as explained by UPS is they will pay you and you will in turn pay me. Or you pay me and they will reimburse you. Either way, you pay me, not UPS. She says refuses to accept the claim. I said you cannot refuse. She says I have to take it up with UPS claims and hangs up on me. I was very nice about the whole thing, trying to catch more flies with honey as they say. Today I called The UPS Store customer relations and am awaiting a call back. This all took place in late Sept and here it is now December. Admittedly, I let it drag because of a two week vacation and catching a bad flu but NOTHING gets done unless I badger the hell out of them. So I have been stonewalled by this bleeping Store owner. She won't stand by the Pack and Ship guarantee. She refuses to follow the contractual obligations she has with UPS. She denies that the packing was inadequate (to say the least) even though I shared plenty of pictures. She has my machine and said it is now damaged even worse than before. She says the pictures show that the box was not damaged, so therefore it isn't her fault. I said WHAT? What difference does that make? The packing was terrible, and of course we all know what the handlers do with your fragile items. I don't care who pays me, just settle the bill. I blame myself only for thinking professionals could do a better job than I could. I will take them to small claims for sure if I can't resolve it through corporate channels. My machine is probably damaged beyond repair, or no doubt repairs would cost more than it's worth. Really sad. But I won't rest until I recoup my costs. The buyer said he will sign an affidavit. I have no doubt I will get my money back. It's just a matter of time.

UPS Sells Insurance

Please contact me if you have unresolved complaints with UPS about refusing to pay claims for damaged goods. I want to see if it makes sense to bring a class action lawsuit against UPS for illegally selling insurance and engaging in unfair and deceptive trade practices. UPS can say it does not sell/provide insurance. To me, if it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, then it is a rose. UPS may be trying to get around insurance laws by calling its protection plan something other than insurance. I had a big problem with UPS because they denied a claim for inadequate packaging when my wife shipped a framed, electric guitar signed by Eric Clapton. She went to unbelievable lengths to make sure the guitar was properly packaged. If the package does not meet UPS specifications, then why do they accept the packages? UPS knows that no individual consumer has a big enough claim to file a suit. On the other hand, if you add up all of the damage they cause but don't pay, I bet you will find it is a lot of money. UPS needs to be held accountable for not paying righteous claims.

Ups lost package

Ups has lost 3 of my shipments over the past year. I'm not looking for the claim money, I want my parts. Seems like they aren't interested in locating my stuff only finding an excuse not to pay the claim. I am interested in hearing if anybody has the same problem.



UPS Class Action

Same issues with UPS insurance. Double thick manufacturers cardboard with foam on all sides. They had no problem selling me I quote "insurance". Denied the claim. I would join a class action suit. Please contact with updated details.

Hi: I've read where you are

Hi: I've read where you are looking into filing a class action against UPS. I just posted yesterday about a Dream Team 1 basketball that I tissue wrapped, placed in plexiglass container, took to UPS store to further wrap according to their standards, box, peanut and ship. It arrived at destination deflated and split. Completely devalued. It was insured for $7,000 and they have denied my claim. It took one week for the ball to go from Arizona to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I don't know how many trucks were involved or conveyors it passed thru that could have deemed the ball dropped. There was no damage to the outer box, the shipper only said (according to the pictures) the carton was dirty. Makes me think the carton was dropped. I had been told by the shipper that high value items are only handled by supervisors. I don't know if there was a big red note that stated the contents or not and I did not see a "fragile" label placed on the box. Only a yellow sticky letting the UPS driver know it was "high value". In any case, I will appeal the claim, but I will look towards claiming a class action suit if there is enough interest. Please respond and let me know your outcome. Thanks

UPS damages my goods

Just as previous people have argued their case with UPS and have come up empty I am finding similar stonewall tactics being used on me.

I won't stand for it and have drafted a complaint for consideration in small claims court. What pisses me off more than anything is that I took every precaution necessary to insure safe passage. Moreover I spent hours responding to all their requests. So if they were planning to deny the claim from the get-go they should have told me. It's not only the time but the emotional aspects of it.

UPS need to be held accountable.

UPS Class Action

Please contact me re: the Class Action if you are pursuing it. I would participate if able to.

UPS denying insurance claim

I sent a glass plate along with other items to my son for Christmas. It was not as expensive as some of these other people have mentioned. I paid $42 plus tax for this Santa plate. It cost $28.15 to ship the box. I would like to point out that the plate was not a fragile glass plate. It was a pretty solid plate. Plus I had a cloth tree skirt, some cloth napkins in the box which you would think would help protect it. But the dish was broken into tiny bits. I cannot imagine what happened to the box for that plate to be smashed into tiny bits as it was. UPS said I did not have it packaged correctly. There was some mention of paper and even newspaper was mentioned as having been in the box. I had the original packing box in which the plate came wrapped in bubble wrap. (The big bubble wrap). There was no newspaper in the box. The only paper was Christmas wrap. UPS said there was space in the box. There was no space in the box when I packaged it. I live in Tennessee and was tracking the box. It made it clear across the country to Seattle, the destination city. The morning it was to be loaded on the delivery truck, the damage was discovered. I cannot believe that it would not have been discovered before had it been damaged earlier. I have talked with the store from which it was mailed. I have tried talking and live chatting with UPS. UPS is denying my claim; actually the sending store's claim. UPS will not talk with me because they say the contract is with the store, not me. But I packaged it. I paid for it. It is my merchandise. I believe someone is lying about what happened. I also believe their refusal to pay is absolutely horrible. They do not want to take responsibility for what happened. I never dreamed they would not honor their "insurance". (or whatever they want to call it) I have shipped many things via UPS over the years and never had a problem before. I believe their business is corrupt and am furious and terribly, terribly disappointed. For a big business, they have lousy public relations/policies. How in the world did they get so big?

Having a similar problem collecting "insurance" claim

In June 2014 I sent an electronic item from an inductions stove from MI to Ca. for repaired and insured it. It was sent back with a fist size hole in the box and when our electrician hooked it up it fried itself and blew out our circuit breakers. So it was returned to be repaired again and the cost is more than it cost the first time. The repair person and I filed claims and were denied . We pursued and the repair person said they closed the case and would pay only 100.00 even though it was insured for 1000.00. He took the item to a main drop off station and cannot get past the 800-pickups number to talk to a real person. I went to a UPS STORE and at least talk to a real person and was able to get copies of my transaction. I tried to do the same with his drop off place and got no where. He also got the story that it was not properly packed even though it was wrapped in bubble wrap, with foam "peanuts" around all sides, and in a box that a heavy paper shredder came in. The package was accepted and no comment was made that it was packaged improperly. It is now the 30th or Oct. 2014 and I still do not have an operating stove because neither the repair person nor I feel at fault. I did write a letter to the main office in Atlanta but have not receive a reply. I Also will be filing a complaint with the State of Michigan Departmet of Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you

UPS thru Crawford "C" and refusal to honor claim

We are currently experencing denial of responsibility for lost merchandise and damaged goods via UPS, sent from us in Ohio to fill a U.S. Government PO sent to NV..We continue to receive statements from "C" that UPS does not have access to inspect dammage and loss; though the consighnee states they have UPS delivery every day. We are told "our packaging" does not meet UPS standards, and no one has made a formal claim inspection? We have shipped the same packaging since early 2000 in hundreds of these parcels across the country, even across the pond to Portugal,and never had a comment of defective packaging.Our UPS distribution center has never commented on our packaging,"not meeting standards" when we personally deliver or we request a pick-up. Comments of our shipping packaging not meeting UPS standards is detrimental to our business integrity to provide products to our customers. We will welcome any involvment in a class action to provide documentation. Donald J Kaleta WWW.FENCE-FLAG.COM

denied insurance/hours with no result

I have spent countless hours on the phone with UPS and some company called Crawford and have had my claim denied twice. They have not inspected the packing material, which my receiver still has and they have not asked for the pictures that I have of the original packaging. I keep getting the run around and would love to be part of a class action suit.

Please feel free to contact me via email. I hope to hear from you.

Michael Z.

UPS denied claim twice

I am so fed Up with UPS and Crawford and Company (their so called third party) I too received a second denial with someone else's name on it. I ship a 45 lb head board which I noted and gave them dimensions. I wrpapped in Proffessional movng wrap about 50 times. Also note I shipped the exact headboard viia greyhound a month before and it arrived in perfect condition. When the UPS driver picked it up I asked him if it was packaged ok and he said it was great. Clearly ups threw the headboard around. The damage was so bad the fabric was taken down to the wood. It must have gotten caught on a conveyor belt. They denied the claim saying my packaging was not up to UPS criteria. There is no box that would fit the shape of the headboard I had. Also clearly knowing they damaged the item when I went to track the item they told me it was refused by the buyer. That was a lie and so misleading they never even tried to deliver it. I demanded they deliver and the customer took pics and then I called to file the claim and said they needed to ship it back to determine damage. They shipped one leg back then the rest and the charged my credit card without approval. I would love to be part of a class action suit !!

UPS damage claim wrongfully denied.

I am currently launching my 2nd dispute on a damage claim for a LAWSON Screen Printing machine (used but "was" fully functional). Sold for $325 on eBay. The reinforced box was packed so well it likely exceeded UPS requirements in every category.

Shipped from UPS shipping center in Montrose, Colorado to Jasper, Alabama.

The first claim was denied (case closed) after UPS ruled the packaging was "INADEQUATE." This was a generated "LIE" because UPS never saw the packaging after the claim was filed. I know they have NO PROOF at all that the packing was inadequate. The receiver of the package had disposed the box and internal styrofoam before finding the damage to the machine.

When a "very young" UPS worker showed up to look at the damage there was NO BOX. My BUYER would only let the kid take the damaged part of the machine with the understanding that UPS would...
A) replace it (new or used) with matching specs (fully functional).
B) repair is to the point of matching specs (fully functional).
C) refund the cost of repair (from estimates) to ME or my BUYER.

I do have photos of.......
1) the UN-damaged machine just prior to shipping.
2) the packing method I used which was above specs.
3) damage to the machine caused by UPS. Photos provided by my BUYER.

The 2nd dispute is being handled by an agent who called herself a 3rd Party agent but spoke to me heavily in favor of UPS. At no time did I feel like she was supporting me.

She wants my photos. I am submitting them as email attachments along with my tracking number (same as the case number). She will get back to me after reviewing the photos. We will see!

Respectfully submitted,

Curtis Cook


Go to your states judicial website,, download a small claims court petition,, fill it out for UPS and one out for Crawford and co. Then go to youtube... Download several of the video's of the UPS drivers throwing boxes off the trucks, kicking boxes,, download video's of the UPS warehouse belt line with boxes falling off.. they are there. Now file an appeal and upload these items,, the court papers and youtube video with this one sentence.... DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT?? Thyey will pay the claim

Damaged goods

I shipped a pair of speakers I sold on Ebay for 3000.00. I insured each carton for 1500.00. UPS damaged one of them. That is the first time they screwed me. This is a pair of 50 year old speakers that are extremely rare. What good is one without the other? so they cut the claim to 1500. Then they told me the max claim is $1000 as I dropped it off at a UPS store. Nowhere does it say that and no one at the UPS store advised me of such. then they claimed to have paid the claim not once but twice? Two checks have been lost? Is is madness as no one will do a damn thing about. It is not unlike a medical insurance claim where they try every dirty old trick in the book to avoid paying. Now 6 weeks after claim was supposedly issued no check has arrived