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FIRST ON 3: BSL mayor surrenders after warrants issued, attorney responds


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White turned himself in this morning after a woman took out warrants against him for three counts of sexual battery and one count of assault on a female.

The alleged victim says she met White in the office of District Attorney Jon David, where White worked as an investigator. White resigned from the job earlier this year.

In the warrants, the victim says White grabbed her by the shoulder holding and preventing her from moving while trying to force her to kiss him. She also says he rubbed the top area of her buttocks with his hand on her bare skin and also kissed her by sticking his tongue down her throat, pressing her breast against his body and placed his hands on the top area of her buttocks.

The victim says she told the district attorney about White's actions back in April. She says David then wanted her to file a formal complaint. Afterwards she says David called her the next day and said White no longer worked in the D.A.'s office.

This afternoon, White's attorney Bruce Mason released a statement saying the allegations against White are "entirely false."

"Law enforcement has already deemed these charges to be unsubstantiated and therefore declined to prosecute," Mason said. "The accuser in this matter has a substantial history of false claims against judges, law enforcement and other public officials. She has brought false criminal charges against individuals that have been dismissed by the Brunswick County District Attorney's Office."

We asked Mason to clarify which law enforcement agency investigated the claims and didn't prosecute. He said it was the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. However, a spokesman for the BCSO says he doesn't know what Mason is talking about.

Mason said White expects to be exonerated and will pursue all legal remedies against his accuser.

WWAY does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes.

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may he get what he deserves

Why is this man allowed to keep abusing his power and still have be above the law? Maybe "Rachel" will be the straw that breaks the coward's back. Please let the truth come out and justice served.

Her name is Susan!

Why does everyone refer to this woman as Rachel? Her name is Susan! I agree with one thing 'sick of it all' writes. I too hope he gets what he deserves. If found guilty I am sure the Judge will make that so. But, IF he is found innocent, he deserves some apologies from you that are spitting out your venom. Of course in a case like that it would never happen. You all would just crawl back in your holes and make up some more smut. The good thing about all this is it will be handled in the courts and justice will be served one way or the other.

Victim Confidentiality

I think the victim's of sexual assault's names should not be released. The person on the news was going by Rachel. I have seen this man in action and I believe there are more victims. Whether they come forward or not, will be seen in the next few days or weeks. Now if this person is lying and filed warrant's, then by all means, her name should be released and charges should be filed against her for filing a false police report. I hope she has the proof and the truth comes out.

She is letting her name out btw

I would normally agree with you on the point of not releasing names of (alleged) sexual assault. However, when the victim, Susan Prater, openly gives out her name by keeping a blog in her name going over all of this, what is served by the news people or the people in this blog using some other name? Kind of ridiculous at that point. Almost as bad as the people in here that would fire and or hang the buy without a trial. Can they possibly be afraid that Susan's story or stories just may not hold up in court? Folks the final outcome is going to be whatever the hell it is going to be and nobody in this blog will have anything to do with it one way or the other. For myself, I am waiting to see what the judge rules when that time comes.

Dear Rusty....

Gosh Rusty, you need to talk to some of the OTHER woman who have been abused by him...I know that ONE of them actually has "blogged" on this is the news stations and newspapers that elect to keep their names private...this gutsy little gal is screaming his "misuse" of his postion to the rooftops...and the woman I KNOW is going to join in the "parade" of woman that have the goods on this pervert who thinks he IS about the law! She "may not" win her case...but hopefully this will keep him from getting another job where "women" are sitting ducks for his advances!

Win/Lose decided by courts and not you or me!

If she wins her case it is because in a court of law she was able to prove her case. If she loses her case it will be cause she can not substantiate her allegations. You just don't like the idea you can not manipulate that decision to go along with your desires. Same as you can't stand to accept the decision of the majority of voters in two elections. But, that is you and not me or the rest of this country that subscribes to the rule of law rather than the rule of the mob! I will accept the rulings of our court. You will too if it goes the way you like. But if it does not, you will be the first to be blogging more venom from your very biased mind. If the day comes that you are simply accused and have not been tried on some action I hope I know about it and find out who you are so I can give you a real dose of your own medicine. On the other hand, if the courts rule against him, look for me to be in that blog accepting the verdict just as the law requires. I will be one of the first! Now, are you willing to state you will be one of the first to admit you were wrong if the courts do not rule the way you want? I am sure you will not. If it happens, prove me wrong.


Justice will not ever be served in Brunswick County. Not Now or never In Bruncwick county to many crooks. Jon David is not any better than Rex criminals are still getting off. Cases are still being handled in the back room.

When WWAY broadcast the story...

as a means of protecting the identity of this individual, they said they'd call her "Rachel".

WWAY likes to be first at

WWAY likes to be first at everything so why not be the first to publish her name....come on WWAY be first, publish her "REAL" name!!!!


already did...much to the chagrin of "Rachel". There's a reason people's name are not revealed. If your child were the victim of a sexual assault, would you want your name and your child's name revealed? I doubt it.

Only Lies

Hey he's not really 6' tall as he claims to be....


I think the victims of this perverted man should unite to show exactly what type of person he is. It is apparent that he thinks he can get by with anything because he knows the DA and is entwined politically in this county. Guess what? I think someone has finally called his hand. Can't wait to see what happens. Thank goodness special DA appointed and hopefully he is not serving home cooking to Mr. White!!!

His defense

he drank county water rather the bottled.