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Illegal fireworks in North Carolina

It is that time of year, when law enforcement officials work to keep illegal fireworks from making their way from South Carolina into North Carolina. Brunswick County borders South Carolina and fire marshal Scott Garner says because of the proximity, lots of illegal fireworks make their way over. Sparklers and fountains are legal in North Carolina -- those are non-explosive or non-spinning fireworks. But, in South Carolina you can pretty much buy anything -- even those that resemble professional displays. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office says it won't be policing the borders but if you get caught transporting illegal fireworks, you can face serious penalties. "North Carolina is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal fireworks. First off you're fireworks can be confiscated and you could face civil and criminal penalties," said Garner. Garner says its important to wear gloves while shooting off approved fireworks, and have water handy -- especially since the county is still under the burn ban, and the area is dry. If you have questions about the legality of your fireworks, garner says its best to contact your local fire marshal.

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I should be punished because of someone else's stupidity? Those are the types of laws that INFURIATE ME. So since the guy down the street has had 3 DUI's in a year, we should ban alcohol? Ban driving? Because you are a bad shot with your gun, ban guns? If we continue to ban based on your theory...NOTHING IS SAFE AND SHOULD BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY! If you don't' have enough COMMON SENSE to be careful at what you are should be culled out of the gene pool.....which is the way nature works.

Let's go over this again

Firearms serve a useful purpose. We have many dangerous objects in our life, from cars to firearms to knives, but we accept those risks because of the useful function provided by the item. I repeat the question, what useful function is served by an M-80 or Roman Candle? I will be the first to admit that prohibition doesn't work. That does not however, excuse the government from at least TRYING to prohibit those items that can directly impact your safety or wallet, and serve no useful purpose whatsoever. As long as you're depending upon the government to come extinguish your former residence, the government has a right to try and REASONABLY minimize the opportunities for it to burn. Telling you than you can't buy explosive fireworks or those firing flaming projectiles is hardly a Draconian hardship. In that light, when your idiot neighbor burns down your house, you will be punished far greater than your IMAGINARY punishment of being denied the ability to purchase fireworks.... ....but I'm sure you'd rather lose your house or watch a few hundred acres of tinder-dry woods burn up just so that you can light a fuse on a pack of layfingers and watch them go rat-ta-tat-tat. Thankfully working with C3 and C4 for several years got me over the childhood fascination...

What purpose does alchohol

What purpose does alchohol provide, or cigarettes. I think fireworks laws are not just. Nobody likes to just watch fireworks, you want to light it and step back and be right there at it. Fire departments respond to more house fires caused by outdoor grilling during the summer than any other reason. Again do grills serve a purpose can't you cook that steak on your cooktop. This is about someones personal opinion who happens to be in government and are using scare tactics to get there way. That my friends is called terrorism. If you wanted you could apply this principle to anything. Im sure that none of NC's officials have a stake in a pyrotechnics company????? Just my two cents kinda jumbled together.


"I repeat the question, what useful function is served by an M-80 or Roman Candle?" How about pursuit of happiness...I remember reading that somewhere...just can't remember. I have a BETTER chance of loosing my home to my neighbor tossing his cigarette down on the ground and it blowing over to the pinestraw next to my home. So...we should ban cigarettes too right? I mean, it sounds like they are a HUGE fire hazard that should be CLOSELY controlled and there are PLENTY OF MORONS that toss them out of their windows EVERY SECOND. With your reasoning..guns SHOULD be outlawed, at least sport shooting..serves NO real purpose except to waste lead. Boating...BAN IT..serves NO purpose but to waste gas..IF YOU THINK THOSE SHOOTING OFF FIREWORKS ARE IDIOTS...I INVITE YOU TO VISIT WB this weekend...the morons ABOUND on holiday weekends...what you think "serves no real purpose" might serve a purpose to me. I shouldn't have to live under rules to protect the few morons that would NORMALLY be taken out of the gene pool by nature...wanna be stupid..GO AHEAD... Again...the masses shouldn't be punished for the STUPIDTY of the few. I think...YOU FAIL...try again.

Can I ask you....(this is

Can I ask you....(this is the Internet), you talk alot about gene pools... My question is: do you believe in evolution?


So just to respond to your comment, you are completely ignorant. First off, I am strongly liberal and do not even believe in God (Athiest), so just because one happens to enjoy fireworks does not automatically make them a right wing religious nut. Second, I happen to believe that many of these comments are in fact legitimate, but your comment does not even make a contribution to the topic, so please refrain from irrelevance such as asking for one's beliefs. Third, if these fireworks are so dangerous as people make claim to, then why are they able to sell them in SC in the first place? It's not just SC either, it's basically the entire Midwest plus a few other states. Point is that yes, people may lack common sense, yes fireworks are dangerous, but if they were so incredibly dangerous, then why do about 1/3 of the states continue to sell and allow people to use them? Obviously not because people in SC all have common sense while people in NC lack all forms of intelligence, including common sense. All I'm saying is that it's ridiculous that these fireworks are illegal since they can not be too dangerous if other states permit them. As for the prohibition of fireworks, why exactly are these firework laws left to the states? Of course we need this concept of federalism to ensure limited federal power, but if the federal government made a single decision over the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, why can't the federal government regulate fireworks as well so we at least have a singular, uniform policy rather than differences and confusion that lead to the confiscation of hundreds of dollars of fireworks along with the additional charges tagged onto those?

The problem for me with fire

The problem for me with fire works is not that they are dangerous. I couldn't care less if you or anyone else gets their face blown off handling these things. My problem with them is they infring on others right to peace and tranquility. Additionally they are an environmental disaster. They deafen wildlife sometimes causing them inner ear damage, which can disorient them. They are loaded with carcinogens that your neighbors must breath. Birds become disoriented and often die. They are major air pollution. The list goes on. Shooting these things off is immature and selfish.


It was just a few years ago that 2 boys at Wrightsville Beach shooting bottle rockets set fire to a dry storage for boats. A couple hundred thousands dollars worth of boats were destroyed. Wonder if the owners were ever reimbursed, but that is not important, the boys were just having fun.

A grown man...

...getting his jollies from setting of an M-80 or Roman Candle? That about says it all.... BTW, throwing cigarettes out of a car's window is also illegal. I guess we're impinging on that idiot's happiness too?


I think Law Enforcement would be better catching criminals, drunk drivers and the like that bothering folks who wish to celebrate the 4th with good fireworks instead of the crappy ones North Carolina Allows, of course Law enforcement are just doing their job, so you can't blame them, it's the nimrods in Goverment---Happy 4th everyone

That's all well and good

That's all well and good until one of your illegal fireworks hits someone in the eye or starts a fire.


How about a stray bullet....someone playing with a knife, DRIVING YOUR CAR...using your drill, saw...etc, etc...ANYTHING can be dangerous and MORE dangerous than fireworks...I guess by your standards we should just all sit at home and not do anything because it's "dangerous". LOTS of things are dangerous...but when used PROPERLY using the BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU...the danger is negligible.

All of the items you listed

....have some worthwhile purpose. We put up with the risk of injury because of the useful function they serve. What worthwhile purpose does an M-80 or Roman Candle serve?

your arguments

I'm enjoying this argument! I mean the only reason felt to ban fireworks is because it MIGHT burn down a house or building. It's people who think the government should control what we do and what we spend our hard earned money on that make these arguments. If you can find no REAL reason besides they serve no purpose, stop posting FIRE! If I set fireworks off this Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our Independence and I get injured or I set something on fire, make me pay for the damages, give me the responsibility. Don't place it on the shoulders of everyone else who didn't do anything wrong. I made that choice, I did something stupid if someone else did it right they shouldn't be punished. I think if the government is cracking down this much on fireworks we might as well turn in the towel. We've lost. Too many people would rather punish everyone then hold one person responsible, no child left behind, fail everyone because one child didn't pass. Ban all fireworks because one person doesn't know how to use them. If you have a problem with freedom and allowing the people to choose what's best for them instead of the government get out of America because I will fight to the death before I let someone tell me whether or not I can say the pledge of allegiance or pray in schools or place a nativity scene in my front yard or shoot fireworks on the fourth of July.

I agree!

Amen Brother - Couldn't have said it better. I am sick of people thinking that it's up to the government to enact rules and regulations to make things 'safe' for them. If you have a problem with something - like your neighbor setting off fireworks in an irresponsible manner - then get off your duff and go tell him so. Don't try to infringe on everyone's liberty because of your own lack of guts. We're talking about the Fourth of July here, to celebrate the founding of a country that was based on individual freedom, which our forefathers, and their sons and daughters fought and died to protect. Now you want to delegate your (and everyone else's) responsibilty back to the government. Don't you understand the personal commitment that goes along with being a citizen of a free country, or what you give up every time you ask your government to step in and 'regulate' every minor inconvenience to you? As for the likelyhood of fires or injuries - your responsibilty is to have insurance, and there are plenty of lawyers willing to take care of the rest.

What worthwhile purpose do

What worthwhile purpose do they serve? THEY INTERTAIN ME! (Caps intended) That is all the reason needed for their existence and use by private individuals. Fireworks are no more dangerous, and most are a lot LESS dangerous, than many other things that are already used for entertainment by the general public: E.G. racing cars, racing motorcycles, racing boats, alcohol consumption, pornography, firearms***, recreational use of prescription drugs and / or controlled substances, organized religion, etc. (As an example, if you read the statistics from the NFPA, OSHA, and DOT, more people were seriously injured and killed while participating as spectators to motorsports events in the last 10 years than were as first-hand participants in private fireworks displays.) So much for PERCEIVED versus ACTUAL risk in our society, eh? ***(And don't give me any lip about firearms being "useful". 99% of firearms discharged in this country by private citizens is for entertainment purposes - hunting for trophies rather than meat, target practice, etc.)

Do me a favor

Go to Yahoo News and enter "fireworks fire" into the search window. Here's a SMALL sampling from the weekend: South Bend house burned down Evansville truck fire Denver house burned down Kansas City house burned down Irwindale grass fire Here's one from closer to home - Chesapeake "A brush fire which destroyed 500 acres of soybeans in Chesapeake was sparked by fireworks. The fire was in the 1200 block of Ballahack Road near the North Carolina border." All of those peoperty owners paid a pretty high price so you could be INTERTAINED (sic).

Oh...I left out the brain surgeons

...who started a large brush fire on the South spoil island at the entrance to Nixon Channel after they decided to put on an impromptu fireworks show to rival downtown. Gosh, who could possibly have known that flaming rocket exhaust could ignite paper-dry brush? Why should anyone mind if it got so big the Coast Guard had to respond and dispatch a boat with adequate fire-fighting equipment from about two hours away? After all, those people were just "pusuing their happiness." It's their god-given right to burn up an island and blow thousands in taxpayer money, right?

Outlaw Developers

Out of control development has done more damage than any fireworks could ever do, but oh yeah, a profit was made and taxes were paid so it's ok.


Let's legalize so NC could make the money selling them. Then I will save money on gas since I will no longer need to drive to SC to drop a few hundred dollars. I happen to be a licensed pyro that has shot at the battleship, and I still make the trip to SC for my "personal" stash. Fireworks are a passion/art for me.


"What worthwhile purpose do they serve? THEY INTERTAIN ME! (Caps intended)" They do not ENTERTAIN me...(caps intended and spelled correctly). They are illegal because they have caused harm to people due to the fact that a large percentage of people are careless and stupid.


"North Carolina is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal fireworks. First off you're fireworks can be confiscated and you could face civil and criminal penalties," said Garner. IF THIS IS TRUE, I HAVE IT ON GOOD AUTHORITY THAT A HUGE CACHE OF ILLEGAL FIREWORKS WILL BE COMING OVER THE BORDER...I hear they will be set off downtown somewhere....thats just what I hear...since they are ILLEGAL...I expect the authorities to shut it down... BAHHH STUPID law...I'll take my chances

If fireworks are so

If fireworks are so dangerous then we should outlaw fireplaces and BBQ grills-- hmmm... actually lets just outlaw all burning things together so that there will be a 0% chance of accidental ignition. Goodbye scented candles and Zippo lighters, pilot lights and cutting torches, incense and cigarettes. If the ancient, not-too-bright humans discovered and could live with fire and we're still here today I think the state should un-ban the "dangerous" tools we celebrate our great country's birth with. I mean South Carolina's alive and kicking, right?


The thing is some are drunk and "playing " with fireworks, aiming them at others etc. They don't think about how dry the area is. They end up setting fires, burning themselves or others. The best thing is to go watch a professional display. They have better fire works and people qualified to set them up and fire them off. All you have to do is sit and watch. There's nothing to argue about.

Thank you commonsense...

Thank you for your attempt to 'enlighten' those boneheads who don't realize that without law there is chaos. Some of you have WAYYYY too much time on your hands.

I guess no one remembers in

I guess no one remembers in the late 90's when one of the fireworks from the battleship ignited close to the ground and severally burned a little girl? I would bet that all the recreational fireworks done since that fourth of July hasn't resulted in one injury as bad the one the "professionals" caused.

For all the people down with

For all the people down with shooting fireworks i love you guys true Americans for those who are hating, hate all you want because we will still shoot them fireworks and have fun memories with the families......North Carolina sucks on this law though but, i still love North Carolina.

after reading all of these

after reading all of these posts. Let fireworks be leagal, but if you do any property damage, injure anyone then the person should be arrested. then the courts can give punishments. that would get some people that are not safe with them to think before they shoot them off.


not arrested, fined.


The point is if you own a gun it is Ok but if you shoot someone you are tried for murder. If you own fireworks for entertainment and ignite them safely it should be no problem; However if you set someones property on fire you should be charged with arson. By the way fountains and sparklers are legal in NC and you could definatly set a house on fire if you ignited either one of them inside. I understand the law but has anyone pulled the data on how many are injured in SC. I really don't think it is as high a number as some might think and I know for sure more people are injured or killed in alcohol related activities in any state.