Storm-lashed South Carolina reassesses global warming’s role

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — When he took the job 15 years ago, Horry County Emergency Manager Randy Webster figured his biggest disasters would be wind and surge rolling over his county's beaches, South Carolina's top tourist destination.

Pender County lifts Hurricane Florence state of emergency

Nearly five months since Hurricane Florence made landfall along the southeastern North Carolina coast, leaders in Pender County have finally ended the county's state of emergency.

Blown Away! Grandfather Mountain sets new wind speed record

Around 4 a.m. on Feb. 13, 2019, the nonprofit nature park’s weather recording station at the Mile High Swinging Bridge registered a three-second gust of 121.3 miles per hour.

Strawberries blooming early across the Cape Fear

Unseasonably warm days across the Cape Fear have some plants confused. One Ash strawberry farm is starting to see berries.

Freezing rain creates ‘ghost apples’ in Michigan orchard

Widespread freezing hit western Michigan this week, leaving behind something pretty cool in area orchards.

FEMA specialists to offer mitigation tips in Wilmington

FEMA experts are coming back to Wilmington to offer advice on how to rebuild stronger against future storm damage.

Parts of Midwest colder than Antarctica during deep freeze

The deadly deep freeze enveloping the Midwest sent temperatures plunging Wednesday to rival some of the most frigid spots in the world.

Atlanta braced for wintry weather, gets spritzed by rain

Atlanta got a mere spritzing of rain Tuesday, hours after a winter weather forecast prompted authorities to close government offices, shutter schools and cancel flights in anticipation of icy streets.

Strongest tornado in 8 decades hits Cuba; 3 dead, 172 hurt

A tornado and pounding rains smashed into the eastern part of Cuba's capital overnight, toppling trees, bending power poles and flinging shards of metal roofing through the air as the storm cut a path of destruction across eastern Havana.

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