11-year-old selling years of medals, belts to help boy who needs kidney transplant

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An 11-year-old boy from Surf City is packing up years of medals, trophies, and hard earned awards
all to try to help a boy he has never met get the kidney he desperately needs.

Ethan Blevins, 11, has a lot of medals, trophies, belts and swords to be proud of, but he is proud to be giving it all away.

“We’re going to auction these,” Blevins said.

Ethan said he and his dad recently heard about a 15-year-old boy named Zeb Carlyle from Holly Ridge.

“My dad saw that he needs a kidney transplant,” Ethan said.

He said they have never met Zeb, but that does not matter.

“We were trying to think of a way to get some money,” Ethan said. “We don’t have a lot, but we use the stuff we have, so we wanted to use these.”

He wants to challenge you to do the same.

“The medal challenge is you’re going to take a medal or trophy that you got, sell it or auction it and use the money for a good cause,” Ethan said. “To help a kid who needs a kidney transplant here locally,” Ethan’s dad Daniel Blevins said.

“He’s just such a good person,” Ethan’s sister Ariana Blevins said. “He thinks about other people before himself.”

Ethan’s older sister Ariana said she has watched her brother give his medals away for years.

“He’s always given away his medals throughout tournaments,” Ariana said.

She said Ethan would give them to other competitors who maybe did not place in the tournament.

“He would give them to the people who tried their hardest,” Ariana said.

Now Ethan is trying his hardest for Zeb.

“This is also a way not just to compete for yourself, but to compete for others,” Ethan said.

If you decide to accept their challenge, Ethan wants to be a part of it.

“If you would in the description or in the comments on the GoFundMe Page, put your address and your name,” Daniel said. “For the highest donations, he would love to send you a belt or a sword that he’s won at the US open.”

If it were up to Ethan, he would give away every single award, but Zeb’s family has other plans.

“Zeb’s family says I have to make a promise to keep one of them,” Ethan said.

For Ethan, the competition has never been about the gold. He is just a boy that has been competing with a heart of gold.

Click here to donate to Zeb’s GoFundMe Page.

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