Goree Challenge rows into Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A man on a 5,000-mile transatlantic row stopped by Carolina Beach on his way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Victor Mooney, from Queens, NY, visited Tuesday in a very special boat with a very special mission.

Mooney started his journey, called the Goree Challenge, off the coast of Africa in honor of all who have died from AIDS, including his brother, and to also encourage voluntary HIV testing.

It’s been a long road to row. He started in February 2014 off the coast of Africa on this 5,000-mile Transatlantic row.

We caught up with an exhausted Mooney at Joyner Marina in Carolina Beach.

“Coming across the Atlantic, I ran out of food for two months,” Mooney said. “That’s how I lost 80 pounds. So I had to survive by fish flying on the boat and eating the barnacles on the side

Mooney says he’s had to deal with sharks and even pirates off the coast of Haiti. The final leg ends at the Brooklyn Bridge.

The boat, named Spirit of Malabo, will be donated to the United Nations in September as a symbol for the fight against AIDS.

To follow Mooney on his website, click here

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