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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Insurance offers peace of mind. But two UPS customers say they’ve had nothing but headaches ever since they filed insurance claims after their items were damaged during shipping. Instead of getting their money, they were denied. So they contacted our Troubleshooters for help.

Tim Dreggors says he is out $400-$600 after he shipped some optic drives to California. Ten of the 15 drives arrived damaged. Since he had insured his package when he dropped it off at the UPS Store in Porters Neck, he was not worried. But UPS denied his claim, because of the way the package was packed.

“Individually wrapped and bubble wrapped, and they were double boxed with bubble wrap and newspaper between the two boxes, and I thought that would be quite sufficient,” Dreggors said. “Apparently UPS guidelines request more.”

He resubmitted the claim, and UPS denied it again. But there was a mix-up. The denial letter he got this time was actually addressed to a Hampstead woman, who’s insurance claim UPS also denied.

That’s how he met Cindy Coyne, who is also fighting UPS to get reimbursed for the gift she sent to family in Florida. The box was banged up, and the gift was broken.

“So I am really out the cost of the item, which was $130-something, then the insurance and had no gift come Christmas,” Coyne said.

Again, UPS denied an insurance claim saying the package wasn’t packed properly. Coyne says she used corkboard, newspaper and bubble wrap.

“Why do you sell insurance that you’re not honoring?” Coyne said.

We contacted the owner of the UPS Store, who told us these claims go through the corporate office. We called the UPS Store corporate office and got them to look into both claims again. They told us the shipping company, which is UPS, denied them again. So we made another call. This time, to the UPS corporate office.

A spokesperson told us boxes must be packed according to their exact guidelines, which are so detailed, they even tell you what type of cardboard to use and how thick the cushioning and tape need to be. These two packages did not fit those guidelines.

“People beware,” Dreggors said. “Read the fine print, you know? Stipulations. I guess there’s a catch to everything.”

UPS also added that it’s not insurance a customer buys. It’s called declared value. If your item is worth more than one-hundred dollars, you can choose to declare a higher value for the item and pay an additional charge.

As for getting that money back, though, as Coyne and Dreggors learned, don’t count on it, unless you follow the exact packaging guidelines you can find on the UPS website, or you can pay extra to have the UPS Store package the items for you, and if they’re damaged, you are guaranteed your money back.


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  • Peter N Christina Pandora

    UPS delivers package with 3000.00 of merchandise missing. I’d like to get class action started. Message me through Facebook, if UPS denied claim

    • Michael Venton

      Bloody package arrived beat up, like on Ace Ventura with boot marks and everything ! needless to say the TV was broken and not repairable. (I really wish i could upload pictures so you could all see the damage.) If this was a act of god or something it would be easier to take in, but they didn’t even take proper care of the package in any way, blamed me directly for it, The claims department said the people i have to contact DO HAVE LEEWAY on these matters and then changed their story a few times.

      Shipped a TV with them spent extra on the best materials, took the time to pack everything the best i could and made sure that all of the box was clearly stating what proper care would be. (only ship upright, fragile ext.)

      Got 3 different stories from them until the latched on to TV’s are a ship at your own risk item.

      1st was that it was a personal item and would not be covered, I asked them what exactly is your definition of “personal item” as it could be anything to suit their purposes and got told i could not be provided that information.

      2nd was from the claims department, saying it was my packaging that caused the damage even though i followed their recommendations with double thick cardboard and all of that and they directly blamed me and my use of that materials they said clearly were the best options.

      3rd was almost 2 weeks after the original claim were the said TV’s are a ship at your own risk item. I asked them well which reason is it ? I have got 3 so far and they seemed pretty intent on sticking to the 3rd one even tho the official document i was emailed was reason 2.

      I asked them at what point of obvious neglect and blatant carelessness do they say, oh well this was obviously way beyond any foreseen circumstances we are gonna make this right? and got told they were not willing to do anything because of reason 3.

      I asked them can i get my shipping fee’s back at the very least, it seems inappropriate to make someone pay to have their item’s destroyed in this way and that is basically making me pay to have them destroy my stuff and they wouldn’t even do that. They offered my UPS credits HAHAHAHA like I would ever consider using them to even receive items again, they wouldn’t even return just the “declared value” portion of the claim back (like $38).

      so lets do a tally, 1700-TV, 300-shipping, 75-packing materials. I am out $2075 by trusting them and was offered shipping credits as compensation.

      There are 3 boot prints (someone walked over it) and to cause that much damage to the box would take effort.

    • Jeff Dyer

      UPS has scammed me also. I bought $500 of insurance. They offered to fill the box with peanuts and tape up for me. UPS still calls this a “Self Pack”. When my package was delivered crushed, they told me they inspected the cardboard and it was too thin. Funny thing is, they never came to inspect the damaged box…. Also went I went to file the claim, the girl at the counter had scratched out my $500 in insurance and wrote in $400. She obviously typed it in wrong on her end.
      Regardless, I have been scammed. I will fight this for as long as needed. UPS has a scam going.
      Why don’t we all contact our local news and get stories going…. Bad publicity at a local lever will not tarnish the corporate giant, however most UPS store are franchises…. I plan on attacking the local franchise that screwed me. Here’s how. The holidays are right around the corner. I plan to stand outside the local UPS store that screwed me and picket. I will tell every customer going in the the insurance is a scam. A loss of revenue, might get their attention.

      • Peter N Christina Pandora

        Are you still fighting this ? We are too, please reach out

    • Jessie Marchant

      They denied a claim and I’m up for getting something started.

    • Josh Stewart

      We’re an e-commerce company currently using UPS to ship approximately 40,000 items per month. We’re dealing with letters from UPS claiming we didn’t package the correctly, which is completely false. Let me know what information I can provide.

  • 58thStreetSurfer

    Make sure you are not confusing UPS and USPS. Easy to do, I have read a couple of posts and were not sure which service they were referring to.

  • Dawn Awakens

    I sent an antique upright radio through UPS and I did not pack it but paid the UPS store to pack it as they show a picture of large items crated. Well it took 4 additional days before it arrived to the person inheriting it and it was only boxed no crate and the front of its face damaged glass broken out knobs bent so you cannot change the channels but it turns on. When I filed the claim and waited over 3 months I never heard anything and after I went into the UPS store was I told that the claim was denied over 2 1/2 months prior to me coming in and that they would file only one more time as that was all that was allowed – well that was in 2015 and no answer yet. When I tried calling corporate office I was told they could not talk to me and would only talk to owner of the UPS store. I even had the Probate Attorney call and she to got the run around as the store told her that they might pay for the loss but needed to see the packaging, they never mentioned this before and now the box is long gone. Since I was the Administrator of the Estate I am not only out the mailing but am now told I have to pay for the loss of the item over $600. I would never mail anything of value through UPS as corporate will not talk to there customers.

  • jeff loggens

    Thats how i shipped, but with usps. Double box, an entire roll of bubble wrap newspaper all over, still got ruined. Should have used the waist-drop rule. Usps wont have any of it, because t seems they opened the box mid ship and removed the bubble wrap, or the buyer lost it. It really counts to package it so well its indestructable, or not at all.

  • Annie Tremaine

    Even if the shipper takes it to a UPS store and they “pack it correctly”, you’re still SOL! I sent my Ted Flowers (western) parade saddle (think the saddles proudly outfitting the horses of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and anyone lucky enough to ride in the Rose Bowl Parade) to a professional saddle restorer in Pembroke KY. At the time I shipped it to him for the restoration, I listed a declared value of $5,000. He finished it and took it to a franchise UPS Store in Hopkinsville KY. The restorer nka “the shipper” declined any extra insurance declaring the value at $200 (even though he charged $1,075 for the restoration alone). The store states, “we packed it in a heavy duty 26″ x 26″ x 20″ box, wrapped it in bubble wrap, wrapped the horn and filled the remaining spaces of the box with air packets.”. When the box was abandoned in front of my garage by UPS four days later, the silver saddle horn (now dented) was protruding from the box, the opposite was split open the full 25″ length of the box, the box appeared to have been crushed at some point. I opened the box about a week later, after having made three calls to reach “Pam” at UPS Damage Claims Unit and finally getting her okay to open it. To my horror, I found the silver panels, pommel, saddle horn dented and creased. The saddle, which was tied up with multiple yards of nylon rope so tightly that Iit now has deep rope burns in multiple places on the leather, the leather has deep gouges from something metal. The damage to the leather is irreversible. The maker, Ted Flowers, died in 1975 and there are very few craftsmen left to work on these old beauties. There wasn’t a shred of packing material in the box and the shipping box now sported measurements of 25″ x 25″ x 25″. My saddle apparently also lost weight. When I initially shipped it, it weighed 57#, according to the label on the repackaged box, it now weighs 30#. I guess they did that so they could justify putting a saddle that really weighs 57# with a max carton weight of 44#,
    When I finally got ahold of “Pam”, she informed me that the driver admitted to dropping off a damaged box and that “he thought about bringing it back [to their nearby warehouse] and contacting you but didn’t think he should.”. After no contact from UPS for over 3 weeks, I called them again to find out what’s going on. Trying to get ahold of any live person at UPS and obtain any level of accountability is like trying to find hen’s teeth.
    I am now being told by UPS’ Damage Claims Unit that “It’s the UPS Store’s fault, not ours.”. When I asked how the box size, packing material and rope could change I was told, “we filed a loss claim with the UPS Store. It’s their responsibility.”. I was further informed that since I was not the shipper, the paltry sum of ” $200 will ultimately be paid to the restorer since that’s all he declared for value and our contract is with the shipper”. In the meantime, I have to ship the saddle (another $100 easy out of my pocket) out to another craftsman to get a repair estimate before UPS will do anything further with the claim and I may never see a dime of that money. I have video that I’m thinking of putting on YouTube and lots and lots of pictures of the box and damage. The saddle is irreplaceable.

  • Michael

    DO NOT USE UPS!!!! They destroyed my brand new computer I just bought last month!!!! I’m moving out of state to a new home. I shipped it with insurance and the ups store even packed it incorrectly. They charged me for 80lbs and in an actuality my stuff weighs 32-40lbs it should have been 125$ and not 287$. I am dealing with fraud and them possibly denying my claim. It’s a brand new computer I spent 1100$ and they completely f*** it. If you google (Ups destroyed my computer) there are so many people mad at ups. If they deny my claim I will go for class action against the store and the whole corporation. I feel robbed. Don’t use UPS please!!!!!! They break things!!!!!

    • Peter N Christina Pandora

      Did you get any results? We are still fighting ups

  • Heathermyralynn Wilson

    Usps damage my package and wont honor the insurance i file a claim online and I was denied twice they damage my computer whats the point of having insurance if they are not going to honor it i have been looking for help evey where all i got was the run around denied twice and i have sent all the info that was required how can they get away with it its not right its. A insurance scam insurance is for when things like this happens so can you damage my package and wont honor the insurance if anyone can help meplease

  • Heathermyralynn Wilson

    Usps damage my package and wont honor the insurance i feel like I been scammed by usps

  • I just had the same problem with UPS. I say it’s time for a class action lawsuit. Also I looked into whether the UPS stores are licensed to sell insurance. It seems they are not. This may a simple way to go after them.

  • Elaine Leonard

    OMG……I am being given the same run around as you. I took an antique rocker to a UPS store and had them package it since they were “certified packers” and was assured it would be well packaged. Can you guess how it arrived? Let just say that when I pulled the rocker out of the box, it was no longer a rocker plus one corner was almost completely apart. This was a heavy rocker too so they had to have really thrown that rocker from a high distance and hard, to completely break off the bottoms. The “Box” was two thin wardrobe boxes that had been taped together. The arms were bubble wrapped as was the bottom of the rocker. Some popcorn was thrown in for good measure but it barely covered the seat so that there was plenty of open space for the chair to bounce around. I am really surprised the back actually stayed in tack considering there was no bubble wrapped around the entire top portion of the rocker. I told the claims department that a pair of monkeys could have done a better job then this UPS store. The same number, 800-651-2352 and I am told “someone will call you back within the next 24 hours OR by the end of the day” (which neither happens). I have been calling them since September 25th and I have not received ONE phone call to set up an “Inspection.” I even asked the last person I spoke with in the claims department to give me the number for the “Inspection Office” so I could contact them myself which she told me, that there was no one there right now (how would she know?). I asked her where were they located, she said she did not know(if she did not know where they were located then how did she know they were not there?). Then I asked if she had a number for them and she said no.
    The store that packaged and shipped my rocker is located in Greenwood Village, Denver, Colorado on University Blvd. Do NOT let them package your items as they cannot even package according to their own UPS standards!

  • Dan Taylor

    Did you ever get any satisfaction? I am in the same boat and I’m very frustrated and mad at UPS.

  • John Mcco

    Dude, you used airbags? They are not meant to protect anything they are only box fillers. I work in an UPS Store and every day I have to explain what is it takes to correctly package fragile items. I even teach a one hour class at the senior center for ebay sellers on how to properly package stuff. People blow me away by thinking paper, air bags and clothing are sufficient buffers for important, fragile items. Think about it, UPS FedEx USPS and DHL ship millions of packages each day. There are idiots out there that throw engine blocks in a used box that goes down a conveyer belt then a slide and into a truck. You must protect against that crap. But I agree that UPS customer service is lame.
    Just my two worthless cents

  • Janelle

    I wish I would have seen this 2 weeks ago. I shipped my specialized fate comp carbon mountain bike to california from Canada and it arrived damaged. The buyer refused to accept it and its being sent back to me, I have no idea when it will arrive and what state it is in. I will be out about $2000.00. The bike was in a bike box from a bike shop, packed accordingly, and they are saying “insufficient packaging”. The shitty thing is, I can’t really file a claim or anything until the bike arrives back which would take weeks!
    I will NEVER ship ups again, what a fraudulent company

  • Michael Yearwood

    5/15/2014 –

    I just lost a case in El Paso Texas for a claim on my $5000 embroidery machine. I took in my own box and asked them to help me ship it back in March 2013. They gave me the materials to ship and helped me pack it. I did not know how to ship such an item but after watching a commercial saying they will help pack I decided to use them. Big mistake. The claim was denied 2 and the lawsuit against the store was lost because of the statement in the affidavit you sign for the “insurance/declared value.” It clearly says the store cannot be held responsible. I even asked for the footage because the employees all lied on the stand about telling me it was my fault and that they never helped me. The owner said we don’t keep video footage despite in order telling them too. Even with that the judge said because the statement says they aren’t responsible they won. I am not sure what steps to take now but I am considering a lawsuit against the actional corporation.

  • Char

    Not true. If UPS packages your item and you have ‘declared insurance’ on it above the hundred dollars allowed by the Carmack Amendment, UPS still will not pay if they decide it was not packed properly. I have it in writing from Crawford.

    UPS uses pushers of great force on the conveyor belts against packages with of variable weight, dimension and size, but the pusher uses the same force causing breakage and packages to fall off of conveyor belts some into deliberate drops. That is why they flippantly state in Crawford writings that they do not honor breakables, fragile or glass markings on packages.(see youtube UPS it’s 3 parts)

    UPS fraudulently sells “insurance”. The clerk never asks you “Do you want declared value?”, they ask you “Do you want insurance”? I recorded it on my cell phone 5 times, on 5 separate occasions.

    UPS SUCKS and I am following through with my Attorney General’s Office in NY. I recommend others to do the same.

  • Kevin Braden

    UPS is fraudulent, undependable, dishonest, arrogant, thieves and down right liars. If you value your possessions: DO NOT SHIP UPS.
    I bought an expensive piece of lab equipment, a Sartorius Analytical Scale. The new replacement version for this model is $5,000.00. We only insured this for $700.00 because this model was an older model valued at $2,000.00. It was packed with bubble wrap, brown paper, and double boxed. The outside was CLEARLY marked: Fragile, Handle with Care. It arrived broken with a big dent in the side of the box. I contacted UPS at 1-800-742-5877, and spoke with Richard. He informed me that someone would contact me within the next 24 hours and come out and inspect the package. No one called and no one arrived.
    In one week, I called back at 1-800-742-5877, and was told the same thing. After another week, no one called and no one came by.
    The third time I called in, 1-800-651-2352, I asked to speak to a supervisor, her name was Tracy and she worked in Damage Group. Tracy advised me that if I sent in some pictures, they could get things started. I sent in the requested pictures, and waited for a week, with no reply.
    I called in again, and they told me I would have to talk to the UPS store in California, because they couldn’t talk to me about the broken package. I then called the person that mailed the package and he told me that I needed to call the insurance claims department and speak with Vera Price at 1 877-225-7625 extension 6141. I called her several times with no answer and finally left 2 messages. She didn’t return either of my calls.
    After not getting a return call, I called the UPS store once again, 1-949-248-9150, and spoke with Camille. She told me that the claim had been denied. I told her, I dispute that decision. She said she would re-file it. I have to say, that Camille, from the UPS store, really tried to help me. I waited another week. I called Camille back and she said she hadn’t heard from UPS yet. She said she would call them as soon as I hung up. She called me back within 10 minutes and said the claim had been denied a second time and they will not send anyone out to look at the package because I had sent the pictures in.
    I owned an automotive shop for over 25 years. I have spent thousands of dollars shipping through UPS and I can safely say that I will never ship UPS again. I will do my best to warn others about their lack of integrity and blatant thievery. I am going to send this message by regular email to all my friends and ask them to send it to 10 of their friends. Paid advertisement from the insurance money I was not able to recover.

  • Fuss

    Let me guess, the one on University Dr?

  • Sara Green Williams

    In the midst of filing a claim for destruction of irreplaceable paintings through the UPS Store. Have just spoken to the phone rep and was told that the store didn’t label the boxes as “Fragile” or “This End Up” as UPS’ sorting process can’t accommodate that. So, it looks like they laid our boxes down flat, then put something heavy on top of them. I have shattered glass, broken frames, and torn paintings. If you walk into a UPS store and they tell you, “Yes, we can ship that for you and it will be safe.” it’s freakin’ LIE. Seriously, ship your stuff through a moving service/truck and pack them yourself – you’ll be better off. Don’t let these clowns near your stuff.

  • D.F. Manno

    Because you’re going to need it to bring a case before the Interstate Commerce Commission. It was abolished in 1995.

  • Guest1

    I used a UPS store in Denton,TX and because they had to pay my claim(for a damaged item they packed and shipped) they didn’t appreciate the increase it had on their insurance and denied me from ever using their location again.

  • Paulette L. HarrisGuest

    We were never notified of any problems until…three of my boxes returned with “refused” on them. I called the recipient and they said the boxes never arrived.
    “WOW! Really, who denied them? I dug and dug each time a little more of the truth came out. UPS did the damage (I still don’t know how much because they told me to open them. Are you kidding? Then they can say I broke it? I have three now with the fourth that was supposed to be returned two days ago.

    Come to find out, they sent all four to their claims dept. and they opened them and then rejected them because they were poorly wrapped. What???? I sent them to replacements. com and have worked with them in the past. I go by their strict guidelines and I’m really upset.

    All this happened and I was never notified. I still don’t have my fourth box. It’s probably the one box that contains my beautiful teapot and coffee pots. One of them is worth approx. $750 alone if I were to be able to even find the pattern and purchase it.

    I’m heartbroken. I want to give this information to someone who will listen. I just don’t have the money to fight this. I am disabled and that’s why I was selling the china in the first place. Secondly, I think they are going to charge me the $120.00 shipping charges on my card.

    No one in the claims dept. is getting back to me within the time periods they say they will as to next steps. I’m so upset and angry, I feel like throwing up. We will never use UPS again and yes, when this is resolved, I won’t be advertising or recommending for them.

    Please keep in touch as I would like to see someone get resolution. I’ll also mention that the “fine print” on the back of the tag, can’t be read because it’s too light and small. :( There’s only one phone and it’s only a claims/customer service call center number. The representative tells me he has no other phone number to transfer me to a claims supervisor.

    Please shoot me a quick reply that you got this. I’m happy to jump aboard your suit, I just don’t have any money to help you. But, you can certainly use my story.

    Again, my email, coloradopolly@yahoo.com and my home phone is 719-487-3305

    Paulette L. Harris.

  • Seismic1600
  • Seismic1600

    Just got an email today from a buyer who sent pictures that UPS had damaged an expensive Trek bicycle that was shipped in the original box from the manufacturer. The fork and sprocket was damaged, as well as scapes all along the bike’s frame. When I took the box to the UPS store, I specifically had a conversation with the rep. regarding the value of the bike and how it was light weight and should be handled with car. The bike was shipped in the original box and wrapped in plasic, frame and wheels. I showed the pictures to a different rep. at the same center and he said based on the damage to the box, it appears something in excess of 100 pounds was placed on top of the box. This weight obviously pressed the box to the flow and damaged the frame and sprocket. I will never use UPS again to ship anything! What makes this so irritating is the bike was shipped to me originally using UPS and it arrived with no damage! My claims process has just begun, but if it is denied I will not just give up on this! Lawsuit if I need to, letters to television stations and newspapers, internet postings, etc. I will get the word out about how UPS treats merchandise it handles!

  • Ryan Spradlin

    To whom it may concern,
    I am an “eBay” person. I buy and sell things via eBay with relative frequency. I have a 100% feedback rating after 10 years of business. I package my items well and I send them out within 24 hours after receiving payment. I typically use UPS to ship my items unless it is going to an outlying US territory where USPS is significantly less expensive. I have a UPS Store around the corner from my home (Wahstach St. in Colorado Springs). The ladies there are great and know me. My packages have always arrived on time and in good shape. I have never registered a complaint or filed a claim in those 10 years. It is because of this history that I am disappointed to say that I will never use UPS again.

    I recently sent a package from Colorado Springs to Brighton Mass (tracking number below). It had a vintage music recorder in it. I double wrapped the machine in bubble wrap and then filled in the rest of the space with air packaging. There was about 4 to 5 inches on each side. The package was housed in a brand new sturdy box. I took extra care in packaging this item because it is vintage and irreplaceable. When it arrived to the recipient it had a large dent in the back of the metal housing and a piece inside had been knocked loose and was rattling. I had the recipient take photographs of every angle of the machine so that I could verify what had happened before filing a claim. I then contacted UPS customer service and explained what happened.

    Issue number 1) Upon calling customer service they explained that they would pick up the package and inspect the packaging materials along with the damage. They never contacted me nor the recipient about when the package would be picked up. So, when a day passed and we heard nothing, we called and they said they attempted to pick it up but nobody was home. Yeah, most people work during the day, so, it’s nice to actually communicate with the customer before attempting to pick something up.

    Issue number 2) They returned to pickup the package for inspection. I called to make sure they had gotten it. They had and said they would return it to me after it was inspected. I explained that the recipient wanted to keep the item regardless because it is rare and would be hard to find again. So, we wanted it returned to him rather than me. They brought it back to him, but with additional damages (from inspection I am assuming). Now, the front door to the cassette holder was broken off and a knob was cracked in half. Plus, when I called for details of the inspection, they told me they didn’t complete it because I “asked them to return it to the recipient”. Again, an example of the customer service people not listening and communicating with me at all. Never once did I say that I didn’t want it inspected or that they should just break it more and then give it back.

    Issue Number 3) After becoming very frustrated over having the item damaged and then damaged again by UPS, I demanded to talk to a manager. I got in touch with someone from the claims inspection group. I explained what had happened and that we needed to have the item inspected and then returned to the recipient. I also explained that the recipient was hesitant to give the package back to UPS given they had damaged it during the first inspection trip. She said she understood and gave me another option of sending in all of the photographs of the damage and the packaging materials and they could inspect those (I might add that she was rather unsympathetic and at times rude). Again we waited for nearly a week. I called and complained. They said they would need to have someone from their claims account processing group contact me. I was called by a woman who told me all further communication would have to be done through my UPS store. Hearing this was odd since that had never been explained before (in the past two weeks), but I agreed. Today, three and a half weeks later, we are being told that the claim was denied.

    This process and our package have been handled so monumentally poorly that I see no other recourse than never using UPS again, and running your name through the mud on every social media forum I can find. It’s not something I like to do. It’s not something I want to do. However, we gave UPS every opportunity to make this situation right. We weren’t asking for the full insurance amount. The package was packed properly and the damage was caused by improper handling. Over and over, we explained that we simply wanted the damages done by UPS to be repaired. In reality, this was likely 100$ or less. It’s not like this was some grand scam to get 100$ out of UPS. The item cost 45$ to ship! Instead, we were passed around, given incorrect information, and ultimately scammed by UPS. They damaged our item not once, but twice and denied me the very insurance that I purchased for this specific reason. As a customer, I can’t imagine being treated any worse. In the end, you’ve given me a huge headache and cost yourself money in the process. I will not use your services again. My parents, who own a medical supply office will be changing services, and I’m sure my buyer will look elsewhere as well. Not to mention, I will post this email in every corner of the Internet. Why would you do this to a customer with my history of business with you? It makes no sense.

    Bravo UPS!

    Ryan Spradlin

    Package# 1Z6E965Y0339608969

  • If anyone is interested in joining me in a class action lawsuit against these thieves and have kept detailed notes of your interactions with them please contact me at:
    I am already conferring with my attorney and despite the wording of their “contract” I believe that if this were to apear before the Interstate Commerce Commission and a court of law that big brown might do some serious backpedaling.
    Everyone welcome, but especially interested in hearing from those accused of fraud (ie)purposely shipping damaged goods for insurance scams. My case was a vintage Gibson guitar. Despite the fact that I can provide sworn testimony from numerous guitar aficionados that the guitar was in excellent condition when it was packed as well as declarations of value from nationally known vintage guitar collectors. These folks are high powered executives with nationally known companies (just the type to help one commit fraud for a few thousand dollars)
    Parting thought, My attorney is also a vintage guitar collector and expert.

    Hope to hear from all !

  • Looks as if UPS has a pattern going. I shipped a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar in an original Gibson shipping container well packed with about a mile of bubble wrap. When the guitar arrived with the back broken it took over three weeks of constant calling to get an inspector to check the damage, this after the recipient lost three days work waiting for UPS and the appointments they failed to keep.
    The “inspector” agreed that the guitar was well packed so it was obvious since the box wasn’t damaged that I had broken the guitar before I shipped it. I’m not an attorney but to me this sounds like defamation of character. CLAIM DENIED. No small claims court for me.
    Time for my attorney to get involved.

    No matter what kind of material you shipped if you have had issues with the BIG BROWN Turd please post your stories here.

  • Same story except they broke the back on mine. Lawsuit time for me and my attorney is an expert on vintage Gibsons

  • Donald Geiger

    UPS Store packed my item. The item was damaged in shipping and they only want to pay for about 1/2 of the cost of damages.


    I am just starting again with UPS. I sent a 15# package out. When it arrived, it had been damaged and the shipping label re-taped to it. The box now weighs 28# and 4 of the 6 items are missing and had been replaced with 4 truck shock asorbers! Four times I have been promised a return call from claims and that has yet to happen. The claim has been denied saying I did not use a 200# rated box, and did not have 2″ of approved packing. Both statements are incorrect as the box is plainly marked as such and I used 2″ of approved packing material. I did not get any extra stated value coverage and though my loss is over $700 I feel UPS should pay the $100 standard coverage.
    Stuff gets lost and boxes get damaged. It happens.

    Here is what burns me the most. I think UPS has a corporate policy of making is as hard as possiable to make a $100 claim. Example: That awful automated phone answering system. Example: Promise after promise of returned phone calls. I really believe that this is a policy to frustrate people so much that they give up. The profit margin is higher on not paying claims than the actual shipping.

  • transnetwork

    UPS is getting bad to worse the last 5 years, perhaps they should investigate internally their transportation logistics & accident rates as compared with DHL/Fedex. Even my shipping agent (handles Fedex & UPS) was telling me many of her customers had been switching to other carriers due to unpleasant shipping damage claim experience with UPS. I also ship with USPS with way better luck, service & attitude during this period. UPS damage is not a mere coincidence or accident, it is their parcel-handling procedure!

    FYI, there are presently lawyers preparing class actions against UPS wrongful denials of claims, as they invariably blame it on “improper materials & packaging” SUBJECTIVELY & INTERNALLY……yourlawyer.com/topics/overview/UPS-Intentional-Broken-Shipments -Reimbursement-Claim-Lawyers-Lawsuit; mythreecents.com/showReview.cgi?id=58655‎; etc just search online under “UPS claim denial”…..from all the frustrated customers!

    UPS used to have independent damage evaluator to drop by the recipient’s site to physically inspect the damage as received. Now to cut cost, they simply pick the damaged merchandise with half the packaging material to their internal inspection center (most buyers have removed some packaging materials to check the contents), which will invariably deny almost all the claims. To make the matter worse, they will simply wrap the damaged item hastily & charge you a fee to ship it back to you, incurring further damage due to 50% packaging materials left. Even Fedex employees that I deal with make fun with this crazy UPS practice. Fedex respects my goods better & claims have been dealt with professionally. An independent auditor should be appointed by Consumer Affairs Dept to check the claim denial rates of UPS. All share holders of UPS should be notified of the malpractice & rotten business ethics that UPS has been conducting the last few years

    Reverse all credit card payments to UPS, stop using their service, and let all your business associates know about their crimes. There are LOTS of unhappy UPS customers out there now due to UNFAIR practice, mishandling, & neglect. This UPS Virus is Fatal & hidden, as most frustrated customers have either drifted away, remain silent, or blame the damage onto themselves! Enough is enough, it is about time to be ON STRIKE! for the better future of the business community

  • steve law

    http://forums.ebay.com/db2/topic/Escrow-Insurance/Ups-Denies-Claim/5200087301?#msg5202155009, for details

    1. Clip these discussion notes to your bank manager,BBB & UPS CEOs. Stop payment(s) with your C/C company. & NEVER use UPS again, period. Who cares if UPS will blacklist your name?!

    2. Never use UPS again until they use independent, objective, & certified damage evaluators! They have been denying close to 100% of all claims: improper materials used (arbitrarily, of course). They will even ship the “damaged” parcel back to U with 50% of the original packing materials left after their inspection (an utmost disrespect of your merchandise!). Of course, they will charge U another shipping fee!!

    3. Situation is getting worse & worse with UPS’s handling of parcels! What is going on inside the union? Fedex & all UPS agents have known about the bad claim situation, and customers have been turning away from UPS the last 3 years! Ask an agent who deals with both Fedex & UPS. UPS is a almost joke for serious merchandise!……I have had extremely bad experience with this “reputable” company the last 3 years, & they think they are the King & will dictate the rules. Yes, please use the Post Office, Fedex &/or any other courier that is more environmentally-friendly. UPS is rough, irresponsible & disgusting these days. Unfriendly Public Service = UPS

    4. Join any national class actions on UPS’s biased Claims denial & post lots of these PR awareness memos on networking media

    5. Create a website to unite all the frustrated victims: boycottups.com

    6. Notify all companies & institutions associated with UPS, stock markets, banks, governments,BBB,online stores,universities,associations, etc,


    8. I hate to report UPS like this, but I am telling the Truth ,nothing but the Truth. God bless UPS!

  • Doris

    Yes, when I look at the damage that occurred to my damaged printer during the return process, I am sure they did something to it. The original damage was a printing issue because the popcorn bubbles had gotten into the printer. The packaging was pretty banged up, but the printer itself (physically) was fine. Due to the poor packaging the drawers came open allowing the popcorn bubbles to get imbedded.

    After the damage inspection the printer was returned to me. The printer that was returned to me was not in the same state as the printer that was shipped to the buyer and was damaged. The printer that was returned to me was Cracked, Bent, Scratched, and dented. This damage occurred when UPS sent the printer back to me.

    They did not even bother to pack it. It had cardboard wrapped around it. I found the printer on my porch. The bottom of the printer was exposed and sitting on the porch, it was not even covered by the cardboard.

    They either through it across a fence or dropped it off the truck and rolled it to the door. I have never seen anything like it. I guess since there was a damage claim, UPS decided it was ok to destroy it as well. Only wish they had completed the job and disposed of it.

    The printer weighs 65 pounds. Thrown or Dropped? maybe to cut cost, they dragged it behind the truck… that’s what it looks like.

  • Doris

    I shipped a printer via UPS that was damaged in shipping. UPS did an inspection and determined that the packaging was insufficient. When I informed UPS that the UPS store did the packing, I was told that UPS and the UPS store are not the same. They thought I had did the packaging because I have an account with them and the package shows as originating from my home address. However, I took the package to the UPS store and was informed that UPS would be liable if it was damaged, so I paid them to package the printer.

    The damage caused by the UPS store was superficial and could have easily been repaired. However, in returning my printer to me after the inspection, UPS/Crawford destroyed the computer. It looks like they threw it. It ways 65lbs so I assume they dropped it. When they return the printer it was half wrapped in cardboard. there was no insulating materials in the return package.

    They took a lightly damage fully repairable product and destroyed it. There response is that the original claim was denied so they can enter a new claim for the destruction of the printer.

  • Donna Palmer

    I paid extra for declared value. Son of Owner of BLUFFTON, SC UPS STORE, Hwy 278 excepted and stated (per my packaging of layers of bubble wrap, this side up with arrows and FRAGILE written all over) that, “It should be ok. I’ll add some extra packaging for ya.” The corner foam the UPS employee added was stated by the “Claims dept” as TOO RIGID—-DENIED!!!
    So I’m out of a $1500 flat screen plus cost/time for packaging and shipping costs!!!


  • Greg Morton

    Several years ago, I purchased a rare Charvel guitar on ebay. The seller insured the guitar for it’s value, Placed it in its case, boxed it and shipped it to me. When the guitar arrived, it had a perfect boot print in the middle of the box. The guitars neck was broken. I was visited by a UPS rep and was told, “We aren’t paying. If we paid every claim we get, we would be broke. If you want your money you will have to sue us.” Knowing a lawyer would cost more than the guitar was worth, I got a second hand neck and sold the guitar for a loss. I haven’t used UPS since.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    Our family ships frequently with FedEx.

    In my experience, it’s cheaper, arrives faster, and most importantly, arrives undamaged.

    Never had a bad FedEx experience.

    USPS is a joke, and it may not even get there.

    UPS has customer complaints all the time. They know what they are doing with this insurance mumbo jumbo.

    FedEx….when you count on them they do you right.

  • Dr. Jim

    UPS damaged my x-ray processor that I shipped and is refusing to pay for it; it was insured. They claim it did not meet UPS packing guidelines and exceeded the weight limit for it’s size. Why did they take my money, pick it up and ship it then? The weight limit should have been a red flag before they picked it up and trashed it! Not happy. Lawyer is contacting them.

  • selma

    So if they can clearly see you haven’t packaged it with the right cardboard and tape, why do they let you ‘insure’ it?

  • gggstor

    If it was inadequatly packaged, why did the UPS store or UPS driver accept the package in the first place?

  • guesty

    We can tell you are just saying because you posted what you said.

  • anne

    Do you think they might have thrown it over a fence :) Just saying!

  • John

    I’ve worked a few places and my opinion is that UPS is stingy and unionized, but this ain’t the worst of it. The worst part is they compensate for their incompetence by rushing their work orders. Employees are watched and forced to do more than they can safely do. This results in a lot of damaged goods upon deliver to the recipient. I’ve seen this in a lot of work places so it’s an educated opinion.

    Bottom line, a lot of places that shouldn’t be in business ARE in business and stick around for a while. Eventually, the bad practices catch up with them, but for a long while, they wreak havoc.

  • Kim Greenwood

    I am in the process of relocating from California to Florida and shipped my Mothers Lenox China.
    I double wrapped each item in bubble wrap and all voids were filled with packing peanuts.
    Out of the 64 items shipped, 8 were broken and the box was crushed at the bottom and one side looked to have been torn off and had been taped.
    The box was new when shipped and when delivered it looked like the Sampsonite Ape had used it for a commercial.
    I contacted UPS and they instructed me to send photos of the box and damaged items.
    They responded to my claim by email but I herd nothing after that and two weeks passed.
    When I followed up with a phone call to UPS Claims they told me they had completed their investigation and referred me to the UPS Store.
    I contacted the UPS Store in California and was told to submit a proof of value for the broken China items
    Three days later the UPS store called me and said my claim was denied because I packed the items myself.
    This China is 24 carat gold and discontinued by Lenox.
    I was shocked at the cost to replace the broken items but had enough insurance to cover my loss.
    Well now its time to notify BBB and file in small claims court.

  • Guestcharles marchesani

    I shipped a 51″ Samsung 3d tv from Brandon Fla to Vineland n.n, before shipping i asked the man at the ups store what is necessary to ship this package so it wont be damaged and for the insurance to be in effect!he told me that it needs to have at least 2″ of peanuts all around the tv, thats all he said, i put 2″ of styrofoam at each corner, then wrapped the tv with 3 rows of bubble wrap completely covering the entire tv, i put a layer of cordboard on top of the peanuts at the bottom so the weight of the tv wouldent slip down thru the peanuts.When the package arrived the bottom corner was crushed in and the tv will not power up…i have been given the run around and was told improper packaging,NO WAY..i followed there guide lines to the tee…and im getting ready to contack fox news, btw im a disabled vietnam vet, fox will love this story

  • James Kendrick

    Filing a claim w/ UPS is like pulling teeth! Almost 3 months have passed and since the package was shipped by Staples that compounds the problem. They all say the claim has been approved FINALLY!
    The item was insured for $500 but actually it could be worth $2000 to $4000. I couldn’t afford to insure the item for the real amount so I decided on $500.
    Now UPS wants the item but I do not want to give it up at least not until I’ve been paid the damages. By law, do I have to give up the item? It’s my item and I wanted it here with me. UPS destroyed it, but I have to relinquish it? That’s ridiculous! I would like to know my rights. If I can repair the item and move it I would.
    I just want to do the right thing here. Please comment.
    Thank you for the help.

  • John

    My package was in the original Manf. styrofoam packing and the claim was denied “Crawford ” Ups insurer said it was not damaged in tranisit. Therefor even if it is packed correctly they will still find a way to deny all claims. After doing some research it appears they do pay claims……..14% of all claims were paid !
    Use Fed ex

  • edd bayes

    I had a collection of records to mail from Md to Calif. I took the items to a UPS
    store and paid dearly to have them taken care of and shipped.

    I then arrive on the west coast (4 weeks later the boxes come in) and needless to say, the box housing the 78 rpms was ill packed and 3 of the 5 were broken. The experienced UPS packer had placed the items against the wall of the box without any type of reinforcement to prevent damage simply from handling, let along throwing and dropping.

    I called UPS to file a claim. I was told to wait and they would get in touch with me. It is now July and this action took place early April and still no notice of money. I then call to hear they have no record of me placing a claim and to file it all over again. So this is where I sit. Broken items, no recovery and assistance by the UPS.

    Maybe FED EX is the avenue to take since the standard mail runs by the same rules.

  • brian

    Bought a computer on ebay, the seller had a UPS store pack it, sent from state of washington to michigan..criss crossed the USA 3 times…arrived 2 weeks late busted. UPS will not pay the $1220 it cost to buy. Even the UPS store owner is shocked they won’t cover the loss.
    There was no insurance on it ! What a bunch of bull$%$# ! They want you to insure for their liability. They feel they have no responsibility for the damage which they caused. UPS = thieves. DON’T EVER USE THEM
    From now on I will specifically request NO UPS when I buy anything online. Screw them !!

  • Rickenbacker53

    UPS Claims says my guitar was packed fine.but claim I knew the neck was broken before I shipped it.. When I asked what they were implying. The person I was speaking to did not understand what imply meant. He just stated that we are denying claim because you sent a guitar already broken. Than try to get a payment. When I asked to speak with a person that spoke better English. I was disconnected. The date of the denied claim is 2 days before they even picked the package up from the Buyer for inspection. Where do I go from here? Sounds like they are saying this is fraud

  • Crissie

    UPS is a sorry, incompetent @$$ “shipper” that should not even be in business. I actually quit using UPS years ago due to constant problems with delays in shipments and deliveries. I never had those problems with Federal Express or the Post office, though.

    Anyway, I totaled my car in a bad accident on January 6, 2014. After giving me the runaround, the insurance company finally settled my total-loss claim for several thousand dollars. During the claims process, they had sent me several shipments via UPS that always arrived at least the same DAY they were scheduled to arrive.

    Well, right after speaking with the insurance rep, a man I had been talking to about buying another car from called me back. He ended up negotiating a very low price in exchange for a fast sale. The deadline was strict and not negotiable. I agreed, and shortly after paid a deposit of several hundred dollars to hold the car, based on expected delivery date of insurance claims check.

    Well… after waiting until 7:30 PM and tracking frantically on UPS.com with no scans since 2 days before in Kentucky, I called UPS customer service. The rep said there was nothing she could tell me. When I asked to speak with her supervisor, she asked me to hold. Upon returning to the line several minutes later, she said she had “checked further” and found that the package would be coming that night before midnight at 12:00.

    After waiting 2 more hours with no delivery, I called UPS back and this time a different rep said the package would NOT be delivered that night. She transferred me to her supervisor, who could not tell me anything else, as he could only “go by the scans listed in the transit system.” Needless to say, I WAS FURIOUS! Of course, no delivery arrived that night and I lost my deposit paid down on the replacement car.

    Upon awakening the next morning, I logged into UPS.com and saw a notation that shocked me senseless. MY INSURANCE CHECK HAD BEEN DELIVERED TO MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA hours earlier!!!! I was fit to be tied, then. I called the insurance company and UPS and cursed up a storm, screamed, and lost my temper to the point that neighbors heard me several houses away.

    The insurance company purportedly put a stop payment on that check and sent me another one. I argued nearly an hour with the insurance rep about not sending it via UPS, and even offered to pay for FedEx or USPS. She said that wasn’t possible, because the company used only UPS and had on-site equipment and software set up, etc. just for UPS.

    Well, I had no choice but to accept UPS — AGAIN, as I was the recipient rather than the shipper. I even tried to get the number of scott davis, the CEO of UPS. But nobody claimed to “have that information.” Well, what do you expect from a man who takes a 3% raise to a $10.7 salary the same year that employee pensions were cut due to decreased company revenue?

    I plan to pursue a claim for damages, but I’m not sure if I would have legal standing to do so as a recipient rather than the shipper. As a law school grad, my first impression is that UPS sole obligation might be to shipper/customer – not 3rd party recipients. BUT I’ve got to do further legal research. (IF I ever find time, that is). Will keep U “posted” (no pun intended :).

  • drdrums

    My claim is being denied as well. I shipped a megatouch bartop video machine that weighed 75 pounds. It arrived destroyed.
    My sister is even in Management at Ups in Illinois and i hear all the stories. They will damage packages and then repackage them and get them to their destination and when there is a damage claim filed will deny it. Her husband is a former driver and told me how well they handle packages. How do you package anything to withstand the abuse they dish out?

  • NINO

    I sent a professionally package to NY, insured for over 15K. Sadly I sent it ground. It was returned repacked as the original boxing, but when I received it, it was damaged in four or five places with a direct punch directly in the center. The frame to the art was damaged. I made a claim, they came to my home. They said a week. Now some five months later they are sending a claim form. They do not want to do anything but delay. I was even told in writing mind you that since it is handled by over ten employees along the route, that it could get damaged enroute. Although marked fragile all over the damage was obvious. There was also a lame excuse (in writing again) that the handlers did not know the cost or the insurance of the shipment, which I find absolutely dumb to say since they should handle all shipments as if they were all fragile and expensive. After some six months they now want all the info from the shipper who returned it back in mid September. Thanks. You know what ground service you should use people! This is just sick.

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