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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY)– A construction site threatens a family’s vacation on Oak Island.

They have been waking up to their vacation house shaking early in the morning. Not only is it ruining their vacation, but now they have concerns about safety.

“You can totally feel the house shake,” Jennifer Quade explained. “I could feel it on the porch. I could feel it in the house.”

Quade and her family have been vacationing on Oak Island for 9 years now to relax on the beach.
This year that is not happening.

“At 9:00 the house started shaking and I was like what was that?” Quade said.

It is piling for a new house being drilled into the ground just 8 feet from her bedroom window.

“It’s way too close,” she said. “I really didn’t expect the house to shake. I think that’s the icing on the cake for me.”

Now Quade is too nervous to leave any of her family members alone in the house.

“Today is the most nerve racking,” she said. “Yesterday we got out to the beach a lot. You can still hear it from the beach front. But today, with the work they’re doing, I haven’t gone out on the beach at all.”

Quade says she has tried talking to the property owner, Ken Kiser.

“I told him I thought they could wait a few weeks to get started, that we were paying a premium to be here at the beach,” she said.

She says she was confused by the response she got from him.

“He said it would take a day to a day and a half to get the work done and he assured me he wouldn’t be here after that,” Quade explained. “However, it’s the third day and they’re still here.”

Kiser told us he is following all of the building rules for this new property. These houses must be built year round, because they take at least four to five months to complete. Quade says she is now paranoid about her future vacations.


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  • Jennifer Quade

    Dear “Wife of a construction worker,”

    I told the reporter my issue was with the builder, not the construction workers (who were they ones doing the work in the hot sun all day). This news story took what I said out of context and portrays me negatively. I am not a “whiny, complaining, entitled” person, as others have commented. I did not make a judgement against the construction workers or treat them poorly. They did a great job and I did respect them; however, I was not comfortable with the use of the heavy equipment yards from the rental home, where my 15 year old dog, kids, and family spent our time. The site was visible and yards from the kitchen window, oceanfront porch, master bedroom window and entrance, and the deck/walkway to the driveway. The construction started at 7 am each day, not 9 am. I told the reporter that the house started shaking on the 3rd day at 9 am. This project was prolonged because they ran into a concrete slab from the 1950s. It normally would have taken 1-1.5 days as they said. Instead it took 4 days. Yes I was very surprised that type of heavy construction could go on so close to kids, pets, and anyone really. Unfortunately the reporter did not post the video that shows the use of the pile driver and other heavy equipment used, so unless you’ve spent 4 days yards away from this type of a construction site, you really don’t have any idea what it is like. My family did not stay in the house – we did go out to the beach and had a great vacation. I asked the builder if the crew could come later than 7 am (maybe 8-9 am) and this request was not granted until the 4th day – by then, we just wanted it to be done. In retrospect, I should have trusted my gut not to do an interview with the reporter. The news story is not a fair portrayal of me or my concerns. The day the reporter came out, my daughter did not want to go out to the beach yet, and I was not comfortable joining the rest of my family and leaving her in a house that was shaking on and off for 3 hours. I also was not comfortable leaving her or the other kids alone with the heavy equipment being used yards from the house and with men within view of the porch, walkway to beach, driveway, and bedroom window and entrance. A lot of judgments have been made, but at no time did I say I disrespected the construction crew. My issue was with the builder who was not very responsive to my concerns until the end of the 3rd day when we spoke on the phone, hours before the news story viewed.

  • CBGirl

    I’m glad to see all of these comments reflecting how I feel but terribly disappointed that WWAY took the time and space to document such a report as this. Perhaps instead of Hanna Patrick filing this report she should have suggested this vacationer go somewhere else next time.

  • CJ

    Thank you. It is nice to see an intelligent response to an article instead of a lot of trash talk and insults.

    I agree totally with everything you said. I love and appreciate my husband who goes out in the heat everyday to make a living and anyone else who does the same, has my respect and admiration.


  • 1234543

    Anita when you solve all of the world’s problems, and return all of lost airplanes, and get all the rapist in India put away, could you please see that all the vacationeers from the north get a little peace and quiet so they will invite you to go home with them, so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves?

  • OKI Heel

    I am a year round OKI resident. My opinion? Although construction next to you can be aggravating, you are not so special to think that your vacation should cause all other normal activity on OUR ISLAND to stop. So you are a bit inconvenienced? What about those of us who live here and have to deal with the impossible traffic, the bursting grocery stores, the ice machines that run out of ice, being unable to eat out at our favorite restaurants because of the island being overran by tourists? You must be kidding me….oh, and by the way, please book your vacation next year in a home in the mountains….and don’t forget to check to make sure there are houses in EVERY LOT in the neighborhood….hopefully none will require a new roof during your week….

  • Okilocalyep

    Thank you for this comment! EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT.

  • guest 1234

    Honestly – who cares! With this economy, how many people are affording vacations? So who wants to hear about your “noisey” Oak Island vacation home! Get over yourself.

    The only reason this is “news” is probably because this family is related in some way to whoever dictates “news” at wway.

    What do I think news is? What do I want to learn about? What the fire/police pay issues in Wilmington are and what they really mean – are they really issues? What film incentives really bring to the community and why its important or not. What is the community doing for underprivileged youth, not just city/county govt. What are the crime issues that underage offenders or gang members are involved in, and what plans there are to deal with them. That would be news – that you’re not covering.

  • ILMnative

    Do you think the sound of the ocean bothers her too?

  • ChefnSurf

    Oh my! What a bitter disappointment! The photos in the vacation brochure were whisper quiet. Now that we’re here, those bad beach people are allowing all kinds of noise to happen. This is so bait and switch!

    It’s not just the bad, bad construction people either. Those bad beach town people have obviously trained the seagulls by our cottage to be extra screechy! In the brochure they were whisper quiet. And the waves are so noisy I have to stay inside and listen to the bad construction people. If they would just put rubber mats on the ocean floor, the waves wouldn’t make that annoying ka-rumph sound when they break on the sand. Looking at the brochure, all we could imagine was a gentle hissing sound. This is so bait and switch! Don’t they know that we are tourists?

    And the water in our toilet … totally cold … not even heated a little bit!

  • GuestME

    I went on vacation to Ocracoke last year. A rooster outside my bedroom made noise every morning. Was it annoying? Yes. Know who I complained to? No one.

  • deputy25

    Good thing that the other neighbors dont have a rooster to crow at sun up!!! she would complain even more!! sound of progress.

  • Anita

    Planes are disappearing-out of sight, out of mind. In India, women are being raped constantly, and children are starving in unreached areas of the world. All this woman wants to worry about is being woken up at 9 am by construction? Oh please. Give me a break. YOu need to get your priorities straight lady. Feel grateful that you even get a vacation at all. And WWAY, please find something of more value to report on.

  • Local gal

    Welcome! We are so glad you decided to vacation in the Brunswick Islands.
    I live at Holden Beach – please consider us next year. We were voted Best Family Beach.
    Enjoy your stay! Ya’ll come back now, ya here!

  • Localgal

    You know what lady let me tell ya something. Say we eliminate this noise and house shaking that is waking you up at 9am. You know whats gonna happen around here?

    1. A sonic boom is gonna shake your pictures off the wall and rattle the pilings. ( us locals just replace them and go on)
    2. A flock of gulls are gonna fly overhead and drop stinky little poop bombs on everything below including your head. ( Us locals cuss and go on)
    3. The sand from the beach is gonna get right in the crack of you behind and make a nasty chaffing. ( Vaseline or end-it works well for that, your welcome)
    4. The tide is gonna get low and that ” fish smell” is gonna ruin your plans for dinner. ( You’ll get used to it us locals did)
    5. You are gonna pack a supper and head to the beach and this monster thunderstorm is gonna wash out your plan. ( Us locals call that Carolina weather, it changes by the minute)

    I just do not understand how a house being built has ruined your vacation or how it’s front page news? Seriously put your big girl panties on! Get your lazy butt out of bed and spend that money in our town! Go shopping! Go to the beach! Ride the Ferry! The whole point of vacation is to get out with the family not sleep all day in the beach house. At least next year it will be built right!

    Only in America would ya have tourists complaining that someone has the fortune of being able to get a house built! In the summer when the weather is good! What would you like ? How about:

    * Diaper the gulls
    * Stop all construction
    * Free the roads for the Tourists
    * Please don’t crowd Food Lion
    * No lawn mowing
    * No laughing and having fun outside, tourists don’t like noise
    * Muzzle your dogs until noon the tourists should be awake then.
    *Have the National Weather Service schedule sunny days and cool nights for the entire summer!

    GET REAL LADY! The nerve of some people! Hammer away boys shake her lazy behind out that bed!( Just sayin)

  • theo

    I have no sympathy for these people. Should the company suspend their operations to appease a whiny vacationer? What about the next week and a new set of vacationers? Time is money. Carry on, Gentlemen.

    A little research would have prevented this, but I’m guessing these vacationers are insufferable fuss-budgets who want everything “just so.” The fact wway would cover this is silly.

    Things happen on family vacations, that’s what makes them funny at future holiday gatherings and weddings. Why does everyone have to get so angry at the littlest hitch in their utopia these days?

    After sharing this article with my girlfriend we both started talking about the screwy things that happened during our youthful family vacations. It was funny to relive so many things that went wrong and how our parents handled them and how we adjusted to it all. It was part of growing up in a non-fussy world.

    By the way, you can hit google earth and see that this property has been driving pilings for quite some time. Research, research, research. No whining!

  • guesty

    “Now Quade is too nervous to leave any of her family members alone in the house.”

    I wonder if she is a relative of Laura “Scary police cars” Padgett…..

  • James Brown Jr

    I am a partner in this piledriving business and have been doing this work for 30 years we have woken a lot of people and have amazed even more.Me and my two brothers were raised by fine parents who taught us to rise early and work hard and to be honest in our dealings and Mrs.Quade should understand that this is our living and what we do to support our families .She can probably rent next to a construction site on any beach we have actually delayed hammering when people have asked piledriving loud heavy construction and this is what it takes to get pilings 8 to 16 feet deep as code requires.I’m sorry her vacation is ruined but nobody ever said life was fair.

  • Maria

    Is there really nothing better to report about? If WWAY needs stories such as these maybe they should consider doing just a 1/2 hour a night.

  • NCvisitor

    this construction site is across the street and 1 over from us. We are not bothered by the work one bit. Yes, work is taking place, but it is not keeping us from enjoying the beach or our vacation. The workers seem experienced with their equipment and have done a good job working in the tight space between 2 houses. We were on the beach in front of the construction site today and the sound of the surf was as relaxing as ever.

  • lonetraveler

    This reporter obviously doesn’t have enough to do during their work day. Why on earth is this news? So some whiney tourist is complaining about being woken at 9am. Wow that contractor is so bad for just doing his job. Get over it lady, find something to do with your time.

  • Blessingherheart

    Bless her heart.
    A few things I wonder…
    As previously mentioned, was there nothing else in this big troubled world to cover today? Has she addressed this with her rental agency and asked for a move? Even if they are fully booked, the agency can work with another one to accommodate their renters. If they want return business. I have seen the place she is renting and if she is paying “premium price” on that shack the agency owes her anyway.
    If she is afraid due to the closeness of the construction and the vibration of the house wouldn’t outside be better than inside. Maybe out on the beach. Work in coastal towns occurs year round like any other place. People do live here. And they work. It is not so much about greed as it is feeding yourself and paying your bills. Construction crews very often have wives and children who depend on the income, there is also usually another job waiting and a schedule to keep. An early start also helps beat some of the blistering heat of the day. My hats off to anyone who has to tolerate working out in the heat all day. I don’t see these workers as rude or dangerous (as that is nearly insinuated) they are simply trying to make a living.
    Hope she decides to change her mindset and enjoy the rest of her vacay!
    As for the construction, full steam ahead.

  • Pharaoh

    I saw this story on the 6PM news. This woman’s comments were delusional and flawed. While I can appreciate that folks come to our beaches for vacations, but when they do all life doesn’t stop or change just to accommodate them. Surprisingly, or maybe not, many think that it should because they are here. This is apparent by this woman’s comments to the builder telling him he should put off his work because she is on vacation. Typical.

    She stated that it was 9AM when the noise started. Not an unreasonable time. It could have been earlier. Sure driving pilings will obviously create noise and vibrations that could be felt in a house close by. This in and of itself does not constitute any safety hazard to individuals nor would it affect the structural integrity of an adjacent building. Were that the case, that type of construction work certainly wouldn’t be allowed. Being nervous about safely conducted construction work is a petty overreaction on her part.

    And finally, she states she’s paranoid about future vacations. Really??? Oh please! Get over yourself.

  • NYyankeegirl

    Ridiculous! Some of us (like me), live at the beach year-round. We don’t whine about progress! We pay a premium price every year to live here year-round and to keep the beaches and towns beautiful and well-maintained for whining “tourons” like this woman! Obviously, those of us who live at the beach year-round have to build homes or we would have no where to live! And, at some point, a contractor was building the very same house you are renting this week! Get out and enjoy the beautiful beaches for gosh sakes and do us a favor……go to high-rise haven, Myrtle Beach next summer! Maybe your condo will be high enough off the ground that you won’t hear the pilings being driven in the sand below! Ugh!

  • Charles Walters

    Pack up and go home you IDIOT!!!!!!

  • guest123

    That sounds so odd for her to say the construction noise caused her family NOT to go out on the beach all day. Why wouldn’t one go on the beach when that is where you paid to have vacation? why sit in a house and listen to a noise you don’t like when you could be enjoying the sounds of waves and water, beach fun?? So now she is paranoid about future vacations??? Very strange.
    Vacationers don’t seem to think that some people live and work at beaches year round. Life goes on for us whether others are on vacation or not. we don’t have to be quiet because you come to stay nearby. I lived for years in a condo on Ocean Isle beach and was always amazed at how rude people who rented a condo for their vacation were. People often ran up and down the steps loudly talking , screeching and in the pool screaming till all hours of the night. half the people lived year round in the condos and had to get up for work and kids up for school the next morning. It wasn’t our vacation. She needs to chill out and do what she paid to do—GO OUT ON THE BEACH and have fun. who cares if you get awakened at 7 am by work next door. If she is paying a “premium prie” to be there she should be up enjoying the sunrise and not sleeping and watching tv all day. Go site seeing. look in shops. STOP COMPLAINING. and most importantly seek medical care for your paranoia you said you have. this whining person isn’t news worthy.

  • Name This!

    It’s amazing the sense of entitlement some people have. Does she really think everyone should just take a break from the construction schedule, an unpaid break no less, because she is feeling inconvenienced? Just because she “feels” they can wait a few more weeks doesn’t mean they can so simply. I’m wondering, is this a rental? If so, should they hold off construction until someone else renting the property can be inconvenienced? Maybe they should go construct elsewhere on the island and inconvenience someone else who is there.

    And what is so confusing about this taking longer than originally projected? Sometimes one runs into unexpected complications. It may be just that simple.

  • Richard Bunce

    Really? Go find a documentary on the Internet on the London Blitz, or Dresden firebombing, or Tokyo firebombing and get some perspective. Next time look for undeveloped lots around your rental at time of reservation if you are that concerned. 9 am seems like a very agreeable concession by the contractor.

  • the wife of a construction worker


    I am the wife of a construction worker, my father is a construction worker and most of the men in our family work construction. I have to tell you I am appalled at all of this. I hope that you really stop and think about the things I am going to say to you.

    First of all, I am sorry that you feel like your vacation is ruined because honest hard working people are trying to make a living and support their families. I am sure in your mind it is not to much to ask for the construction to stop while you are on vacation but lets be realistic. If you and your family are owed that isn’t everyone who comes for vacation owed the same thing? After all people are supposed to be treated equally. My question to you is this, do we stop all construction from May thru September? I don’t think you really thought about what you were asking. The construction workers you are complaining about are trying to make mortgage payments, pay electric bills and feed their families. How would you feel if your husband or yourself were asked to stop working for a few weeks/months because you were bothering someone on vacation? I can assure you that the banks/utility companies don’t care that you are on vacation those workers still have to pay their bills.

    Second, as far as you being concerned about safety. I can tell you construction workers take their jobs very seriously after all they are the ones working in the middle of the site. If you would take the time to watch them they are very safe and take care of each other. Remember if they are careless at work they aren’t just getting a paper cut they may not be going home to their families that night. I think you are assuming that they are a bunch of uneducated careless men and I promise you that is not the case.

    Third, your lack of respect for them breaks my heart. I don’t know what your family does to support themselves but let me tell you what construction workers do. Construction isn’t a 9 to 5 job, the alarm goes off way before the sun comes up and most of them don’t leave work until dusk. There is no air conditioning in the summer and no heat in the winter. Lunch isn’t taken in a cafeteria, break room or restaurant most of the time it is sitting outside on pile of lumber or on a tailgate. When they get to work in the morning there is no relief from the weather until they are done that night. On days like today with the heat index over 100 they come home sick from the heat and wake up in the night with muscle cramps from being dehydrated. In the winter they run the risk of frost bite and when they get home they cant get warm before its time to start a new day.

    What you are viewing as a nuisance and a bother is honest hard working men doing what it takes to take care of their families. Having said all of this please think about what you were asking. I hope that when the workers show up tomorrow you will look at them a little different.

    I think when my husband gets home I will tell him how much I appreciate what he does for our family. You have definitely reminded me of that.

  • The other local gal

    Amen Sister! You are so on point!
    Hammer on JSC Construction. The BEST pile drivers in Brunswick county!

  • StreetSmartz

    Completely agree with you that this isn’t news or even newsworthy. If the owner of the property isn’t breaking any codes and is within his property line, let the man be. They should have asked her if she thought that the ground didn’t move or if no sounds were created when the house she is vacationing in was being constructed. Also, if she didn’t want a neighbor, she had plenty of time to by the property beside the home, so that no one could build there. LOL

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