Construction site threatens family’s vacation on Oak Island

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY)– A construction site threatens a family’s vacation on Oak Island.

They have been waking up to their vacation house shaking early in the morning. Not only is it ruining their vacation, but now they have concerns about safety.

“You can totally feel the house shake,” Jennifer Quade explained. “I could feel it on the porch. I could feel it in the house.”

Quade and her family have been vacationing on Oak Island for 9 years now to relax on the beach.
This year that is not happening.

“At 9:00 the house started shaking and I was like what was that?” Quade said.

It is piling for a new house being drilled into the ground just 8 feet from her bedroom window.

“It’s way too close,” she said. “I really didn’t expect the house to shake. I think that’s the icing on the cake for me.”

Now Quade is too nervous to leave any of her family members alone in the house.

“Today is the most nerve racking,” she said. “Yesterday we got out to the beach a lot. You can still hear it from the beach front. But today, with the work they’re doing, I haven’t gone out on the beach at all.”

Quade says she has tried talking to the property owner, Ken Kiser.

“I told him I thought they could wait a few weeks to get started, that we were paying a premium to be here at the beach,” she said.

She says she was confused by the response she got from him.

“He said it would take a day to a day and a half to get the work done and he assured me he wouldn’t be here after that,” Quade explained. “However, it’s the third day and they’re still here.”

Kiser told us he is following all of the building rules for this new property. These houses must be built year round, because they take at least four to five months to complete. Quade says she is now paranoid about her future vacations.

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