Talks continue to move Wilmington’s holiday celebration


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington leaders continue to discuss moving the city’s annual holiday celebration from the Rotary Wheel at Greenfield Lake to Legion Stadium.

City spokeswoman Malissa Talbert says the next step in the process is coordinating with Legion Stadium staff.

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Monday morning City Council was presented with two possible options of where a tree could be placedĀ in the stadium’s parking lot. Each option included planting a 10-inch in diameter live oak. The placement differed in each plan, as did the cost and work that would be needed to be done around the tree.

The first option would cost $26,790. Legion Stadium would lose 14 parking spaces, as the tree would be planted in the middle of a group of them.

The second option is to plant the live oak where a cedar tree now stands in a median in the parking lot. Between relocating the existing tree and concrete removal work, this would cost $11,800. No parking spaces would be lost if council decided on this alternative.

Wilmington City Progress, a non-profit, says it would fund the project andĀ asks council to take ownership of the tree and maintain it after it is installed.

The city’s tree tradition moved to the Rotary Wheel in 2012 after City Council voted to end the annual lighting of what was known as the World’s Largest Living Christmas Tree next to the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant.