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Mother records cars passing stopped bus on Carolina Beach Road and Windgate Drive (Photo: Allison Coleman)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A parent is asking for some more patrols on Carolina Beach Road after watching cars fly past her child’s stopped bus every day.

Allison Coleman decided to start recording what she was seeing.

Coleman said her daughter’s bus stop is on Carolina Beach Road at Windgate Drive.

“The driver will put her lights on to let people know she’s going to stop,” Coleman said. “The stop sign goes out and between one and six cars go through the bus stop sign.”

She said her biggest concern is for safety.

“I know that my kid isn’t going to run into the street, but this one might and any other kids that are around,” Coleman said. “I know that if it’s happening here, it’s happening elsewhere.”

Coleman said she has talked to the bus driver about it.

“There is only so much she can do,” Coleman said. “You know? She gives them ample warning. She beeps the horn.”

Coleman said she has also called the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

“Asking for increased patrols,” Coleman said. “I think they’ve come once I’ve seen a sheriff, but I wasn’t even sure if it was for that.”

She said she also called the schools transportation department to ask for a bus change or to see if the bus could turn into their neighborhood.

“I’ve gotten nowhere with either option,” Coleman said.

Coleman said she tagged the Sheriff’s Office in her video and hopes she can get some more patrolling, but she hopes drivers see it too.

“I mean I guess just slow down and stopped for buses,” Coleman said.

We also called the Sheriff’s Office about the concern. Lt. Jerry Brewer said they have tried to patrol in that area in the past, but they have not had to write many citations there. He also said it is difficult to patrol every single bus stop in the county, but said they will send more patrols out there this week.

Brewer also said if you get caught passing a stopped bus, it can cost a couple hundred dollars and five or six points on your insurance.

A New Hanover County School’s spokeswoman said they are checking with the transportation department to find out more about the situation.


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