A ‘WARM’ welcome to 280 teens in town to help rebuild


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Right now there are nearly 300 teenagers in town on a mission. Many of them have traveled across the country, on their own dime, to come work here for a week. Such an outing can make you feel all warm inside and WARM is why they are here.

“I just like helping people, it makes you feel good to know you’re helping someone,” Hope told Daniel Seamans.
“It feels good to help,” Louise echoed.

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They are beautiful, inside and out.  They’re making homes in need of repair beautiful, inside and out, too.
“We are doing like flooring on the inside, tile, painting the exterior of the house, putting in a storm door because it’s broken and handles in the shower,” Hope Condon said.

Hope is from Minnesota.  Garrett Burgess, from Wisconsin, traveled a ways too. Louise Zango’s trip was a little closer.  She’s from Raleigh.

Nearly 300 volunteers, from across the country, are on a mission in the Wilmington Area to help our community.
Specifically, to help folks in low-income housing situations in need of repairs.

“280 volunteers who have come from as far away as Kansas, Indiana, Minnesota,” JC Skane said, “they raised money all year to come here and spend their blood, sweat and tears and time in our community.”

JC is the Executive Direction of WARM, or Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, INC.  These teenage volunteers are the reason the non-profit is set to have its biggest week of missionary work in its history.

“Painting stuff, to help everyone who needs help,” Louise said of her duties outside a Wilmington home on Tuesday.

You find a common theme with these out-of-towners.  “It gives you a good feeling that you’re helping out people who mainly can’t help themselves, our resident said without our help she wouldn’t be able to live in this house,” Garrett said.

And you find strangers who share an emotion that isn’t strange at all.  “Just to know that we are helping someone out who can’t do this work for themselves, knowing they have a better place to live,” Hope said.

The executive director of WARM says the teens will complete 60 rebuilds by the end of the week.
On Wednesday, they get the day off. We’re told they are headed to the beach.
Welcome to the Cape Fear, y’all….and thank you.