Condos at Carolina Beach evacuated and condemned


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Surf condos in Carolina Beach have been deemed no longer safe.

Evacuations of the condos took place late Friday afternoon.

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Structural evaluations were conducted and corrosion has been detected on the steel of the building.

“Well they had everybody vacate yesterday, so that was quite bizarre,” vacationer Michelle Holt said.

Holt couldn’t believe that the building right next to her beach rental was evacuating residents and other vacationers.

“I was on my way back from one of the beach stores over there, and this elderly couple had driven up and pulled up along side and saw everything roped off and the fella got out and saw a condemned sign on the door, and he came out and was telling his wife, and she was really, really upset, because all her medication was up there. She said they had driven three hours to get here, and they own the placed up there, and that they were never informed about anything,” Holt said.

According to a news release, most of the units in the building are rentals, and the town is working on relocating people to other units.

“I feel bad for the people that are going to be coming down and have nowhere to stay. This is July 4th week. Where  are they going to stay?” another vacationer, Melissa Falenski, said.

Falenski said she feels awful for the all the people affected.

“I just cant imagine what would have happened if they wouldn’t have caught this, and this thing started to collapse? That would have been really scary, especially with families,” Falenski said.

Right now the building is being worked on, and all access is blocked off.

The Town of Carolina Beach said it will be submitting a letter to the home owners association on Monday to move forward.