Brunswick Co. Sheriff welcomes therapy dog K9 unit


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – A new K9 unit is now on duty for the Brunswick County Sheriff. This dog, like other K9s went through extensive training but not for sniffing out bombs or catching crooks, but being a therapy dog.

Today the Paws4People nonprofit awarded Boulder with a red deputy vest. Deputy Boulder has prepared for this nearly all of his life.

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“He is a great resource to have,” says handler Sgt. TK Nowell.

Being red vested now means he has completed all of the training to be paired with Sergeant Nowell. His duty is unlike any other K9 in the Brunswick County Sheriff’s office or in any other local law enforcement agency.

“He provides a level of calm that is need in many of those situations or in the aftermath of those situations and it really helps them get through the day and through those situations,” says Sheriff John Ingram.

Boulder is a therapy dog. He’s gone through training from inside prisons to college campuses. He’ll team up with the Sergeant for trauma situations or during classes the Sheriff’s office holds with assault victims.

“He is actually just a, more of a positive thing or positive way to be a little more at ease when you’re dealing with deputies,” says the Sergeant.

As much of an asset out in the field, Boulder will also bring relief to the department on the inside.

“We utilize him with the deputies and also in the 911 center, we actually handle a lot of traumatic calls. So that’s a very stressful environment over there so thankfully I have him right here in the office and we can walk next door,” says Sgt. Nowell.

Now more dogs like him are catching the eyes of law enforcement groups according to Sheriff John Ingram.

“It’s something I wish we had done long ago,” says the Sheriff.

Sgt. Nowell plans to team up with Paws4People to donate another therapy dog to someone in need there in Brunswick County.