UNSOLVED: Woman murdered on 84th birthday in Pender County


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A woman is looking for answers in her grandmother’s death in Pender County.

On Annie Anderson’s 84th birthday, she was found shot to death in her home. It is a dark memory for Amber Maready as she searches for the truth in her grandmother’s death that remains unsolved.

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“My goodness,” Maready said. “She was a spitfire.”

As Maready flips through old pictures of her grandmother, and as she reminisces about all the good times, she cannot help but think about the moment it all ended. It was August 18, 2014.

“She always liked to go to the Pirate’s Table, so every year we would go to the Pirate’s Table,” Maready said.

Maready and her two daughters pulled up to Anderson’s house off Morgan Road.

“When I pull up, the house is dark,” Maready said.

As Maready walked up to the house, she noticed the glass pane on the door was broken.

“I had a very, This instinctive feeling that something was very wrong,” Maready said. “My daughters were very scared. They begged me not to go in.”

After calling 911, deputies from the Pender County Sheriff’s Office arrived and went inside.

“Found Mrs. Anderson inside deceased,” Det. Greg Cromartie said.

“When they actually opened the door is when I saw her feet and that’s all I’m glad I ever did see,” Maready said.

Detective Greg Cromartie said anderson was shot twice sometime in the middle of the night. The shell casing broke the glass door.

“The evidence at the scene would show that she was shot immediately,” Cromartie said. “There was no sign of a struggle.”

Maready said they did not know who did it, but what they did know is Anderson would not have opened the door for a stranger.

“The evidence at the scene indicates that she opened the door to whoever shot her,” Cromartie said.

That is not all they found from the evidence.

“There were signs in the house that someone had been looking for something,” Cromartie said.

“I feel like whoever did this knew her, knew she was alone and knew exactly what she had and where she had it,” Maready said.

Maready said what Anderson had were things only a few people knew about.

“There was a lot of very old jewelry,” Maready said.

They were family heirlooms that were never found.

“Some of the pieces of jewelry consisted of diamond and Sapphire ring,” Cromartie said. “I believe there was three stones of each on the ring. A gold watch, an old pocket watch. Several gold rings that the stones at some point had been removed as well as a bag of old silver coins.”

Cromartie said at first, tips poured into the Sheriff’s Office.

“A lot of phone calls, a lot of people offering information and tips that we followed up,” Cromartie said. “Of course as things progressed, information dried up.”

It was a day that was supposed to be a celebration that turned into a nightmare.
“She did not deserve her final moments to be in this fear that it was,” Maready said. “Nobody deserves that.”

A nightmare that continues as detectives look for the missing piece in the investigation.

“What we’re hoping is that there is somebody out there that might have information that can help us bring this investigation to a conclusion.” Cromartie said.

The information could be connected to the missing jewelry.

“Anyone that bought, around that time, any jewelry that they, looking back, maybe would consider suspicious circumstances,” Cromartie said.

They need any kind of information that could bring Maready the justice she has been searching for.

“Everybody says there will be justice on God’s time, but I’m in the flesh and I would like to see justice here on earth,” Maready said.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Pender County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 259-1212.