H2Go Board votes in favor to move assets over to Belville


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — In what began as a heated, crowded, and rowdy meeting to push the continuation of H2Go’s reverse osmosis plant by customers, ended in their applause.

That’s because in an effort to continue the reverse osmosis plant, commissioner Carl Antos presented a resolution to move the commission’s debt, assets, and all equipment to the Town of Belville’s jurisdiction.

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“I wish to set forth a resolution to sell, convey, transfer and assign, all H2Go real and personal property to the town of Belville, North Carolina,” said commissioner Carl Antos.

The resolution was approved 3-2, Jeff Gerken and Trudy Trombley dissenting. Gerken and Trombley also questioning the legality of it. The commission attorney was not aware of the resolution. Antos says the resolution came from the executive director Bob Walker who informed him before Thanksgiving that the administration was in talks with the town of Belville’s attorney.

“This is, I really question the legality of it and you heard that even the board’s attorney was not aware of this until he was handed this document tonight,” said commissioner Gerken who was expected to issue a request to stop funding and construction of the reverse osmosis plant as the newest board member was set to be sworn in in Decemeber.

“I’m sure they’ll fight it,” said customer Carol Caffey. “For whatever reasons they are fighting it. It’s very political but we’re moving forward to get clean water.”

Caffey spoke along with nearly a dozen other customers at the Tuesday meeting. She was one of the majority who challenged the board to stay the course on the Reverse Osmosis plant project.

This all comes after the November election where anti plant candidate Bill Beer was elected. His addition would change the board majority not in favor of continuing the reverse osmosis plant.

That is what brought nearly a hundred customers to the meeting to ask the board to not trash the project as well as a projected fourteen million dollars already used for it. The majority of customer we heard from were for the sale.

“The RO plant is in the Belville business park so it makes sense,” said Sandra Ford. “I am thrilled myself because I don’t want to be buying bottled water for the next twenty years. I don’t see any other solution that’s reasonable for us to get clean water in the area.”

This now means the Town of Belville, who has had its leaders outspoken in support of an RO option for drinking water, could take over the utility Water and Sewer service. They now have to approve a resolution to take and purchase the water and sewer service as well as enter into an operating agreement.