911 call from Bladen Co. shooting: ‘He’s shot in the head… I screwed up’


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The man charged with murder after a confrontation turned deadly over the weekend in Bladen County, called 911 after the shooting.

David Gore owns Gore Marine Metal Fabricators. Earlier this month, someone stole a boat worth nearly $200,000 from his business. Investigators say Gore was searching for his boat in Bladen County and found two men, Allen Blanchard and Ryan Thau, at an abandoned lumber mill near Kelly.

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There was a confrontation and Blanchard was shot.

Two calls are made to 911, but even though the men are in Bladen County, the calls come in to Pender County 911.

After finding out they’re calling from Squires Lumber Company, the operator realizes this call was not meant for Pender County.

“Sir, you’re not in our county, let me see if I can figure out which county you are in,” the Pender County operator says.

After a couple of minutes, the first call is transferred to Bladen County 911.

In the second call, the Pender County operator tries to connect to Bladen County, but gets a busy signal and asks the caller to stay on the phone with her.

“We need to hurr- he’s been shot in the head, but I don’t know. He’s breathing now but he’s not going to be here much longer… and I am the shooter,” a man who identifies himself as David Gore tells the 911 operator.

“Ok sir, so what happened?”

“We had a boat stolen from us Sunday night.”

“From New Hanover County?”

“Yes ma’am, and we tracked it up this way and we stopped here to find it, find that there was somebody back here in these buildings and I had my gun, and the gun, and I was aiming at him and the gun went off and shot the man right in the head,” the caller tells 911.

“Ok, is he the one who stole the boat?” she asks.

“No ma’am, no ma’am. It was a truck like that but it’s not him. And he’s shot in the head. I was ex-, I mean, only thing I know is I screwed up. But, I’m gonna be honest about the whole thing, you know what I’m saying?”

Blanchard, 34, of Wilmington, was airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center from the scene in critical condition. Gore was originally charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. He posted bond.

Blanchard died two days later and Gore was charged with second degree murder.

Gore turned himself in to Bladen County on Thursday for the new charge.

Prosecutors wanted Gore’s bond set at $750,000, but Gore’s attorney argued against that, saying there was no need, since he turned himself in.

The judge set a $100,000 bond for Gore. He posted the new bond and was released from jail.

Gore has a probable cause hearing on January 19.