Widow calls bond for murder suspect ‘unjust’


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — David Gore turned himself in on a murder charge in Bladen County today.  A judge set his bond at $100,000.

The wife of a man shot and killed over the weekend talked to WWAY tonight after the man accused of her husband’s death walked out of court after posting a bond she said is not enough.

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“I think it’s not, this is not justice, and it is outrageous that he’s out on bond again and his bail is so low. It’s not justice. This is uncalled for,” Tara Thau said.

Thau is not only dealing with the loss of her husband Allen Blanchard, but with the fact that the man accused of shooting and killing her husband Saturday is not in jail.

“I’m very angry, and my family plus his family are livid that this is happening,” Thau said.

David Gore confronted Blanchard and his brother-in-law at an abandoned lumber mill Saturday near Kelly. Investigators said Gore was searching for his boat that was stolen last week from his Wilmington business.

Blanchard died Christmas day. Gore turned himself in, but Thau is still dealing with her pain.

“Like I said I’m a wreck. He took my life from me, the love of my life and my children’s father. This will never be forgiven,” Thau said.

We reached out to Quintin McGee the Assistant DA in Bladen County to ask about the bond amount set.

He said in part, “I requested a secured bond of $750,000 and the presiding judge set the bond at $100,000. Any attempt to determine why the judge chose that amount would be pure speculation on my part.”

Gore’s attorney argued against the higher bond, saying there was no need, because Gore turned himself in. Gore has a probable cause hearing on January 19.