NC man finds 7-inch goldfish on his sidewalk, and it was still alive


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – It’s a fish tale to top all fish tales. Dan McCorkle did a double-take when he walked into his Plaza-Midwood backyard and saw a 7-inch long goldfish lying on his sidewalk.

“I thought this thing is probably dead, but then it did that little woop, woop, woop,” Dan made a gesture of a fish gasping for air with his mouth to demonstrate, the fish was still alive.

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He sprang into action, grabbed the fish and put it in a nearby dog bowl, because it had water in it. When a fish lands in your backyard, you do what you can to save its life.

His partner, Jane, put a post on the neighborhood connection website, NextDoor. The couple thought just maybe there was a pond somewhere missing its goldfish.

Neither one thought they’d find that pond or the person who was actually missing a goldfish. Until Deborah Triplett, a Plaza-Midwood neighbor just two blocks away saw the post and went to check her pond.

“I immediately responded, ‘This might be my fish,’” Triplett said.

Dan and Jane took the fish, safely swimming in a cooler, over to Triplett’s home and released it back into the pond.

So how did it happen? The running theory is that the fish was scooped up from the pond by a bird, then dropped into Dan’s yard. Like we said – a fish tale to top all fish tales.

“To see this story and to see how people were following it, it just made me smile and continues to do so,” Triplett said.

We’re pretty sure that lucky fish is swimming around and smiling, too.