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105-year-old graduate finally gets his college diploma

A 105-year-old man finally received his college diploma, 83 years after graduation.

#EliStrong: Community joins hands and prays for teen battling cancer

About a dozen people came together Thursday evening in Holden Beach to offer prayers and support for a teen battling brain cancer.

‘Swamp Thing’ TV series confirmed for Wilmington

The local film industry is dredging its next major television project from the deep, dark swamp.

Trooper: Car hit 197 mph during North Carolina street race

A North Carolina man is accused of pushing his Dodge Challenger to 197 mph (317 kph) during a street race last month.

Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue featured on Amazon Prime Video

Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue has been featured in a movie on Amazon Prime called "Making the Squad".

‘It just went south fast’: Teen says friend asked to be pushed off bridge

The 18-year-old who pushed her teenage friend off a 60-foot bridge in Washington state, leaving her with multiple injuries, said she didn't consider the repercussions beforehand.

Historian: Blackbeard’s death a result of unlawful act

One historian says his research shows Blackbeard's death in North Carolina nearly 300 years ago may have been the result of a Virginia lieutenant governor's unlawful actions.

Student denied lunch on first day of school over 15 cents

A student at a Florida high school said a lack of 15 cents prevented her from getting lunch on her first day of school.

Aerosmith to launch residency in Las Vegas next year

Aerosmith is the latest act to head to Las Vegas to launch a residency.

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