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North Carolina beach house destroyed by tide and rough waves

The Atlantic Ocean claimed a beach house near Rodanthe on the Outer Banks Thursday night, leaving a debris field along the shoreline and displacing renters from nearby homes.

‘Major game changer’: Bladen woman wins $100K Cash 5 jackpot

Bernice Jessup of White Oak got off of work early and decided to stop for a few Cash 5 tickets—one of which won her a $100,000 jackpot and will help her start her own business.

First ever Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle nest found on Bald Head Island

The sea turtle season is underway along our coast and history was made this week when the Bald Head Island turtle patrol found its first ever Kemp's Ridley nest.

Hurricanes agree to arena lease extension through July 2029

The Carolina Hurricanes have reached a five-year lease extension to remain in PNC Arena through July 2029.

Yikes! Hundreds of Portuguese man o’ war wash up on area beaches

If you're hitting up area beaches anytime soon, you'll want to keep your eyes on the sand. Hundreds of Portuguese man o' wars have reportedly washed up from Wrightsville Beach down to Horry County beaches.

What Did We Miss? UPDATE: ‘Flintstone House’ angers neighbors and town officials

It's time for UPDATES! Learn what happened to the couple getting fined $100/day for their paint job PLUS is the owner of the Flintstone home having a gay old time?

North Carolina 7-year-old boy holds backyard event for nanny

A high school senior in Raleigh couldn't attend her high school prom because of the pandemic, but she still had a special bash.

Man says he broke into bank to heat up Hot Pocket

A San Diego man broke into a bank early Wednesday so he could heat up some Hot Pockets, police say.

Burney’s Sweets and More opening first Wilmington location

A bakery famous for its sweet, fried croissants is coming to Wilmington.

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