Trask football departures creates questions of transfer rules


ROCKY POINT, NC (WWAY) — Just before the first games of the high school football season began, a couple transfers shocked many in our area and it may cost Trask some wins this season.

When Trask head football coach Jonathan Taylor set his game plan against county rival Topsail, he assumed he’d be able to use his two leading running backs from 2017 BJ Jordan and Anthony Tucker.

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But just days before kickoff, Jordan and Tucker announced they’d transfer to Southwest Onslow and Laney High Schools respectively. That did not sit well with Taylor.

The fifth year coach told our partners at the StarNews after the 28-0 Topsail victory over Trask:

“We’re in a situation as a coaching staff where we’re preparing with those guys,” Taylor said. “For those guys to leave like they did and under the circumstances, it’s bad. Honestly they were stolen away from us, they really were. Out of the blue like that, boom.”

Taylor would not speak with us Monday, but Laney head coach Ashaad Yeoman did.

He told us he did not steal Tucker, he did not speak with the player or his parents before the process and everything Tucker is doing is within the rules.

In fact if anyone knows what Coach Taylor is going through, it is Laney. The Bucs lost running back Jason Billingslea to rival New Hanover this summer.

We took a look at the transfer policy for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. It says a student transferring to a school in a different school district cannot play for up to a year, but exceptions can be made.

One way the rule says to do this is through a hearing by a special NCHSAA transfer committee. Coach Yeoman says that’s what Tucker is going through at Laney right now.

He says Tucker is ineligible until the committee hears his case, but he will start school at Buc-Town next week.