Golf club closes indefinitely, neighbors up in arms


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A popular New Hanover County golf course is closing indefinitely and residents are up in arms. The Masonboro Golf Club is officially closing.

“It’s just disgusting to see it sitting there, not being cleaned up, not being taken care of,” said Earl Grizzell, who lives in The Cape.

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Grizzel says The Cape neighborhood quite literally revolves around The Masonboro Golf Club. The golf course is right in Grizzel’s backyard, but he says it’s just an eyesore right now.

“I’d rather see the golf course maintained by a reputable owner and making progress,” said Grizzel.

The general manager for the club says it is closed indefinitely because of damage from Hurricane Florence. The manager says they have notified members.

Residents of The Cape say things have not been taken care of for awhile. Neighbors are worried that the neighborhood may become the next Echo Farms.

“So now it’s really frustrating because he has given up on the golf course and is trying to build some more houses in The Cape,” said Kay Rutkowski, who has lived in the neighborhood for years.

Rutkowski has been frustrated with the owner since he took over the club. The manager did comment on Facebook saying they will refund members who are owed money.

Grizzel says there is an HOA meeting in a few weeks, and he hopes to find out more.

“If it’s going to be sold. If it’s going to be fixed up. I’m very anxious to find out because right now, it’s an eyesore,” said Grizzel.

But for now, the future of the golf club is extremely uncertain. The general manager did not share any details about whether the club would close permanently, or about the refunds.