911 calls released in alleged Oak Island killing


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A daughter allegedly killing her own mother. It’s one of the most gruesome murders to happen in Oak Island in years based upon the picture police painted.

Last Thursday, the 911 calls that came in to Brunswick County dispatch reveal more details about what happened.

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“I think my sister may have killed or seriously harmed my mom,” said Eric Copenhaver.  “She was having this delusion that my mom was public enemy number one and that she was out to get her.”

The suspect Julia Copenhaver accused of murdering her mom Susan. Her brother Eric telling 911 operators about his last call with his sister.

“And I kept asking,’Is mom alive, is mom alive?’ and in one response she said ‘no.'”

Oak Island police told the district attorney’s office when they responded to this Oak Island home Julia answered the door covered in what was believed to be her mother’s blood.

The family says Julia had a psychotic episode weeks earlier. Adding that she was admitted  and checked herself out against doctors orders.

“We were trying to get her on her anti-psychotic meds,” said Eric to the 911 operator. “She’s been refusing to take them the past week. Yesterday around 11 A.M. she just bolted out of my house here in Northern Virginia.”

Her brother fearing the worst after he called their mother in Oak Island.

“I called my mom’s cellphone a few minutes ago and my sister answered.”

The first sign that something has gone terribly wrong.

“Something is going on there that is not right,” said Susan’s sister, Julia’s aunt Janice MaCrae in her call to 911. “I’m not sure what they are going into. Okay? I’m trying to find out if my sister is okay because she is not answering her cellphone.”

Copenhaver is charged with first degree murder and is being held without a bond. WWAY reached out to her immediate family but they did not want to comment right now on the tragic situation.