Moms celebrate being bailed out on Mother’s Day


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We showed you last week an effort to bail moms out of jail, that led up to families reuniting just in time for Mother’s Day.

Earlier in the week, Southerners On New Ground and the Campaign to End Cash Bail along with other Wilmington organizations raised money to bail out women who could not afford their bail.

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Sunday, they celebrated Mother’s Day, motherhood and all of the mothers who were released.

Janyce Jones is with the Campaign to end Cash Bail. She said this is all about taking care of each other.

“Most of the women in jail are black women and most of them are mothers and it interrupts who we are as a community,” Jones said. “Our black men are already incarcerated at enormous rates and now black women following them just interrupts who we are as a people– black people in the community. When we are affected, everybody is affected.”

For more information on the Campaign to End Cash Bail in North Carolina, please visit their website.