New law allows restaurants to reuse oyster shells as serving dishes

A new law allows restaurants to repurpose oyster shells. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There’s a new way of serving seafood. A new law now allows restaurants to repurpose oyster shells.

Chef Keith Rhodes over at Catch Seafood Restaurant says they go through thousands of oyster shells every week.

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This new law will allow restaurants to reuse these shells for more than one dish.

Rhodes says they will be able to reuse the shells as serving dishes for anything from entrees to sauces.

“We also do various types of ceviches and seafood dishes where we could just serve that in more of an all-natural presentation, and it would really be fitting of being here on the coast to just kind of highlight that whole experience,” he said.

Rhodes says they will boil the shells before reusing them.

He says oysters are already extremely popular along our coast, so why not introduce the new law?

“Anytime we can cut out a step,” he said. “A labor where someone’s washing dishes. Anytime we can cut out a step where we’re throwing away something, that is a plus. You can be as creative as you like.”

Not only is it a new serving style, Rhodes says it’s a great way to repurpose thousands of shells and help the environment all at once.

Rhodes says the new law will benefit a coastal city like Wilmington in quite a few ways.

He says some breweries also use oyster shells to make certain beers.