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NC restaurant owner will soon be sentenced for falsely labeling seafood. Why this should...

The owner of Captain Neils Seafood, Phillip Carawan, in Columbia, North Carolina is waiting to be sentenced after he pleaded guilty to falsely labeling millions of dollars worth of foreign crabmeat as “Product of the USA”.

Any fin is possible! It’s National Seafood Month

October is National Seafood Month.  It is a time to celebrate a food that is eaten around the world in countless ways.

New law allows restaurants to reuse oyster shells as serving dishes

There's a new way of serving seafood. A new law now allows restaurants to repurpose oyster shells. 

New seafood restaurant opens with packed house and full bellies

Dozens of people lined up Thursday morning at a new local restaurant to find plates of seafood were flying out the door.

Experts say seafood production is declining in North Carolina

It's not hard to find seafood here in the Cape fear, but where does our local seafood industry stand in terms of sustainability?

From theatre to musicals, the Cape Fear offers numerous weekend entertainment options

From music acts to live theater, there are lots of events happening in the Cape Fear for you to enjoy the weekend.

Hurricane Florence impacts both seafood industry and coastal restaurants

The impacts of Florence are taking a toll on businesses across the Cape Fear, especially the seafood industry.

Woman dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria from eating oysters

A Texas woman's family is speaking out after she died from a flesh-eating bacteria infection she may have contracted from eating raw oysters.

Americans ate more seafood last year than they did in 2014

The government says the average American ate nearly a pound more seafood in 2015 than they did the previous year.

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