Dorian could create dangerous water conditions along the coast


BRUNSWICK COUNTY,NC (WWAY) — Across the Cape Fear, we’re tracking Dorian and looking at how it may affect us.

Friday, Brunswick County community is watching and waiting to see what Dorian will do as it continues to barrel in the Atlantic.

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“The last thing you want to do is come in Tuesday morning to something that is critical that needs to be done or getting ready,” Scott Garner, Brunswick County Emergency Management Deputy Director, said.

He says all towns and municipalities need to get ready for Dorian now.

“We had a short briefing from the National Weather Service who advised everybody that there is potential for heavy rip currents this weekend, so there is potential for water rescues,” Garner said.

Oak Island Water Rescue Chief Tony Young says it’s hard to spot a dangerous current. One wrong step and the current can pull you in and it could be powerful.

The threat of Dorian at our area beaches is still uncertain, but the models are showing a greater threat emerging after Labor Day Monday, but he says it’s important to be aware of the risk.

“If you’re too far out trying to swim across the long shore current, you can end up way down the beach and have to swim back way further than maybe you’re in shape to do,” Young said.

The water rescue team aren’t the only ones stepping up to listen. Garner says the discussion included local hospitals, fire and police departments.

“It was just basically an awareness to make sure you’ve checked all your equipment and just make sure you’re prepared so when we come back on Tuesday or if things have to happen over the weekend that everything is ready and good to go,” Garner said.

Regardless if Dorian makes a turn in our direction, Young says we must all still watch the water.

“Once the storm is passed or even if the storm misses us all together and goes inland of us and up north, the other thing is a lot of debris can flow down the Cape Fear River and end up in the water,” Young said.

In addition, Brunswick County beaches have no lifeguards on duty.

As weekend plans may draw you away from the television screen, we encourage everyone to download the WWAY Stormtrack3 Weather App for the latest details all weekend.