Parents react to Brunswick County Schools redistricting options


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — On Monday evening at North Brunswick High School, a meeting was held to discuss redistricting plans for Brunswick County Schools.

The redistricting draft maps were first posted online last week, and Monday’s meeting was a chance for parents to have their questions and concerns heard.

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This first phase of redistricting only affects elementary and middle schools, and there are three options for each.

One of the main factors behind redistricting is a need to cut down on overcrowding at Belville Elementary School. Parents seem divided over the best way to accomplish this.

“I think options one and two make the most sense,” said parent Courtney Borsay.

Options one and two would keep Borsay’s daughter at Town Creek Elementary School, where she currently attends. Other parents aren’t quite satisfied with the current options.

“I haven’t found one that really seems to suit all of the needs,” said parent Nicole Whiteside. “Some of them don’t necessarily leave enough room for future growth, and I also think some of them break up some key neighborhoods that should probably be kept together.”

One of the neighborhoods split up in the maps is Magnolia Greens. Borsay, who lives in Magnolia Greens, says she came out to speak for those who weren’t able to attend.

“One of our roads, Redfield Drive, it’s actually PB178 if you look at a map, they included that with Waterford,” Borsay said.

According to the drafts, between 185 and 495 elementary school students and between 302 and 331 middle school students would be moved to different schools, potentially in a different part of the county.

“The bus times really concern me,” Whiteside said. “60-75 minutes on average seems way too long.”

Parents can give feedback on the draft maps in an online survey before the school board presents the final options on December 17. Some parents say they want drastic changes to the proposals.

“I think I would like to see them come up with an alternate after the comments.”

Others say they’re satisfied with the current maps, even if their preferred option isn’t chosen by the board.

“It really won’t make that much of a difference,” Borsay said. “My kid will be going to Belville instead, which will be fine because the Belville overcrowding won’t be so much of an issue.”

School board members Gerald Benton, Catherine Cooke, Ed Lemon, and Charlie Miller were all present at Monday’s meeting. Ellen Milligan did not attend.

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