Students tackle local issues like water quality at regional science fair


WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — 200 future scientists and engineers from seven counties competed in the annual regional science fair competition held in UNCW in Wilmington this weekend.

“Some of them are dressed up in their bow ties and they’re nice,” Carmen Sidbury ,director for the Center for Education in STEM, said. “They’re really taking this serious and so they’re practicing what it means to be a scientist very early.”

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Sidbury says students are addressing local and national problems like water quality and alternative energy uses.

“It’s kind of reassuring to me that fact that our young people are interested in it and they’re studying it and doing projects in that area,” Sidbury said.

Sidbury says there were 130 projects at Saturday’s competition with more elementary than middle and high school students.

“Being someone from Onslow county with degrees in mechanical engineering, I’d like to see the demographics change,” Sidbury said. “There’s a lot of work happening both here on campus, state level and even national level that we’re trying to do to tap into to ensure that all students have access to STEM.”

Sidbury says most students have already won their local competitions and will move on to compete at the state fair on March 27th.