Wilmington activist Devon Scott charged with sex crime

Devon Scott (Photo: WPD)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Former Wilmington mayoral candidate and activist Devon Scott has been arrested for a sex crime.

Police say Scott, 37, is charged with second degree sexual offense for the rape of Lauren Scott in May 2015.

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He is being held without bond. Police say this typical for domestic cases.

According to WPD, police issued warrants on Scott and the US Marshals Carolina Regional Fugitive Task Force located and arrested him around 1:30 p.m. Thursday at his home.

The Task Force is comprised of members of the US Marshals, Wilmington Police Department, NC Department of Public Safety, and New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

Lauren, accused Devon of rape, domestic violence and longterm emotional mistreatment in a series of public Facebook posts that began Saturday.

Wilmington Advocacy and Protest Organization (WAPO), which Scott co-founded, said in a statement:

“Regarding Devon Scott, WAPO was collectively established by four individuals, one of whom was Mr. Scott. One of the founders had been made aware of an incident with his partner in 2015, and, in line with their ongoing efforts and belief in the idea of restorative justice as well as knowing him closely on a personal level, had agreed to work collaboratively with him on community-focused efforts on the conditional understanding that the other involved party had given her blessing and consent for him to continue contributing to local projects and initiatives while they handled the matter privately through therapy and other means. The two remaining founders were not made aware of the allegations at any point during the existence of the organization until a Group Message from Lauren arrived in our page’s inbox referring to him as “her abuser” on July 24th. He was asked privately, by me, what she was referring to and did not volunteer specific details at the time, only referred to it as “the situation” and explained that he had an ongoing arrangement with her to continue his public advocacy work (image attached) and that he would speak with her privately. It was not until his public reply to a Facebook comment later that the two other founders realized the allegation was sexual in nature and sought additional details and confirmation. With specific information about the incident coming to light in further detail for the other founding members, WAPO collectively decided the same day that it was in the best interests of everyone involved that Mr. Scott step away from the organization as a member, contributor, and advisor.”

Angela with WAPO provided the following statement of her own:

“I was aware of a large part of the allegations against Devon Scott. I was aware, however, that the situation was also complicated. I did not think it was my place to publicly out someone else’s trauma. No other members of the group were aware of this. I was under the operational understanding that Devon Scott had Lauren’s permission to work with us and, beyond that, I considered this to be a complicated situation between two people who were taking active steps to work things out through private avenues. In the meantime, Devon Scott’s knowledge, experience, and networks benefited the work we were doing. As soon as Lauren recanted her permission, we immediately asked Devon to step away. We hope to continue to be able to do the work we set out to do for the local movement.”

Scott’s campaign manager, Evan Folds, said in a statement:

“He was vetted. And he lied. And there is a lot more yet to be discovered about this that you may find out at some point. I’m not interested in talking further”