24-hour police support event finishes

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — 24 hours after it began a Pender County man wrapped up his day long remembrance of police. Farris Leonard decided Monday evening to sit out on the courthouse lawn in Burgaw to show his support for what the men and women in law enforcement do.

Despite the weather dozens of folks came out to show him support as well. We asked him if he thought it was worth it.

“Oh yeah, yeah,” Leonard said crying. “If nobody would have come, it would have been worth it.”
Folks came out to see him off Tuesday evening too. They also held a candlelight vigil as a show of support for those affected by the tragedy in New York City over the weekend. That was when two officers were shot and killed in an ambush.

“I mean law enforcement never looks for any reward for anything but they do appreciate it when we are appreciated,” Kenny Dohan said.

A former NYPD officer Dohan brought his whole family out because they were so moved by what Leonard was doing.

Leonard said inspiring people was exactly what he was hoping to accomplish.

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