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911 service restored after interruption across the Southeast

Service to 911 centers in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast was restored Thursday afternoon, according to telecommunications companies.

Man reunites with officer who saved his life: ‘God let me give him a...

An Indiana police officer is credited with saving a man’s life. It happened three weeks ago.

Body cam video from NC ‘accidental’ officer-involved shooting released

Body camera footage from a Gaston County officer-involved shooting that happened in early July and was deemed accidental by the District Attorney’s Office was released Friday.

Police seek couple who lost engagement ring in Times Square

Police have an urgent message for the couple who lost their engagement ring in Times Square: We have the ring.

Kitty Cop: NC officer saves cat, gains feline partner

They're a one-of-a-kind pair. A Hillsborough police officer and his partner are warming the hearts of their community.

North Carolina police probe early morning fast-food robbery

North Carolina police are searching for a suspect who robbed a Wendy's restaurant tin the early morning hours.

Relief: Police recover stolen inflatable colon

There was a sigh of relief after police recovered a giant inflatable colon that is used to teach about the dangers of colon cancer.

South Carolina boy honors fallen officers at school superhero day

For superhero day at school, the local boy dressed up in honor of two officers killed recently in the line of duty.

Officer lectures 11-year-old boy who pulled out a BB gun

In a state that has had instances of young black men being shot by police while handling a BB gun, one officer in Ohio was thankful he did not pull the trigger on an 11-year-old he spotted carrying a BB gun.

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