Girl meets dinosaur she helped create

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) —  A local elementary student got a chance to see her creativity come alive at the new “Dinosaurs” exhibit at the Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

9-year-old Anya Boujie’s selection of colors have now come to life on this dinosaur at the aquarium.

“I just decided to go with these since I thought a long time ago, they would be camouflaged,” Boujie said.

Aquarium director Peggy Sloan said Anya’s colors seemed to fit the particular type of dinosaur,  called the Baryonyx.

“We don’t really know what color dinosaurs were, so we have to guess,” Sloan said. “We thought that if we were a fish-eating dinosaur that lived in swamps, we might look a lot like the dinosaur you see behind us.”

Anya’s dinosaur now sits among others at the aquarium’s exhibit. Sloan said the company that makes the creatures encouraged the coloring contest.

“They’re very excited about getting students interested in and excited about dinosaurs and they suggested it to us,” She said.

The exhibit officially opens this Saturday.

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