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Think outside the prehistoric lines and color a dinosaur for the aquarium

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is coloring outside prehistoric lines and giving one person a chance to put their twist on the toothy, “DINOSAURS!” exhibit returning this spring.

New dinosaur looks like odd mix of duck, croc, ostrich, swan

With a bill like a duck but teeth like a croc's, a swanlike neck and killer claws, a new dinosaur species uncovered by scientists looks like something Dr. Seuss could have dreamed up.

Girl meets dinosaur she helped create

A local elementary student got a chance to see her creativity come alive at the new "Dinosaurs" exhibit at the Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher adds six robotic dinosaurs to garden

Fort Fisher Aquarium adds new exhibit featuring six robotic dinosaurs.

Rare 70-million-year-old baby dino fossil airlifted out of desert

The National Guard recently airlifted a rare baby dinosaur fossil, estimated to be 70 million years old, out of "desert wilderness" in northwestern New Mexico, according to museum officials at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.

Cockatoo with dinosaur-like screech vexes neighbors

A cockatoo with the screech of a dinosaur is vexing residents of a tony Boston suburb.

Dinosaurs live again this weekend at Convention Center

videoIf you suffer from ornithoscelidaphobia, you might want to avoid the Wilmington Convention Center this weekend. That's the fear of dinosaurs. Those who are not afraid may enjoy Discover the Dinosaurs.

CFCC class discovers dinosaur egg

It wasn't part of an Easter Egg hunt, but students at Cape Fear Community College recently discovered an egg during a geology class.

Archaeology Week teaches kids about local fossils

From furry four legged friends to creatures that walked millions of years ago, Tuesday kids learned all about dinosaurs that once lived in our own backyard.

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