Local charities hold a bike giveaway

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was like Christmas morning.

Kids ran from their homes to see a truck set up outside, full of bikes and helmets of all colors and sizes to go around.

Though she loves unicorns, Skylar says mermaids are her second favorite.

Reporter (R): “What did you get?”

Skylar (S): “A bike.”

R:”A bike? What kind of bike is it?”


R:”Mermaids? Are you excited?’


And today, Switchin’ Gears and A Bike for Every Child brought her a pink helmet and bike covered in mermaids, something she’s wanted since March.

With more people staying home and turning to the great outdoors, the demand for bikes skyrocketed. And with a trade war, many manufacturers weren’t ready.

“There’s not alot of bikes coming into our country,” says Dusty Casteen, the head of Switchin’ Gears, “and so, we try to refurbish the ones we can find. And send them back out so they can produce more joy for the community.”

With bikes selling out at Walmart and Target, the only options left were far too expensive. Low income kids fighting boredom no longer had the option.

Until Switchin’ Gears, A Bike for Every Child, and the Harrelson Center stepped in.

“I think it helps a lot of kids, get out of their own head with what they’ve got going on, you know? I don’t think people realize they’ve lost their community, too. This gives them a way to come together and go on a bike ride.”

Instead of worrying about the future or missing their friends, today, kids just got to be kids.

Easier than riding a bike.

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