President Trump sues in state courts

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — President Trump and his campaign are suing in multiple state courts.

He is claiming ballot fraud in some states and asking to allow campaign observers closer to ballot counts for observation in others.

Here in North Carolina, New Hanover County Democrat Chair Richard Poole says he trusts the process and thinks this litigation is a publicity stunt.

Meanwhile Will Knecht, the GOP Chair says he trusts New Hanover County Board of Elections and the process, but thinks the threat of fraud in other states could be valid:

“Yeah, I think in certain instances the Trump campaign has very viable grounds to stand on in some of the litigations. Without question. And I think from the beginning, it’s been about counting every legal vote.”

“Whether that will result in further actions,” Poole says, “that could win them the presidency remains to be seen. But I think that’s the purpose. You know, Donald Trump has always thrived in chaos. When it doesn’t exist, he creates it.”

Trump has sued in key states like Pennyslvania, Michigan, Georgia as results continue to trickle in.

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