A blast from the past– Battleship North Carolina’s reunion is both sentimental and educational

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The annual North Carolina Battleship reunion brings back a ton of memories for its crew members and their families.

Retired Lt. Col. Chuck Hood said the reunion’s ceremony is both sentimental and educational.

“You see the movies and stuff but I’m not sure that everybody quite understands exactly what life is like on the ship,” Hood said. “It’s a little different. It’s an opportunity to explain the history of WWII especially now that it’s so far away it’s kind of out of people’s minds.”

Bill Venuti, a WWII lookout, who now lives in California, always makes the trek for the reunion. He said he feels responsible for representing the crew members from WWII who are no longer with us.

“Most of them are gone now, as a matter of fact all of them are,” Venuti said. “I’m fortunate to still be around. So I’m here to represent them.”

Venuti said he hopes to be able to keep representing them for as long as he can.

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