Oak Island gradually adding elements to help keep people safe in the water

Oak Island, NC (WWAY)– A Brunswick County town is gradually adding elements to its beach in efforts to help keep people safe in the water 

The Town of Oak Island has started displaying 3-foot-wide signage on the Beach Service Unit’s UTV’s to inform beach goers of the risks of what color flag is displayed.

While there are beach warning flag signs at every access on the beach, some people may overlook and not notice them. 

With there being no lifeguards on the beach, this signage helps alert beach goers of the risks in the water and thus makes them more mindful when getting in to swim. 

Beach Services Unit’s Mark Hout says this has made a positive impact. 

“We have gotten very positive feedback on these signs. You can actually see people reading the signs as we drive down the beach as far as what the flag signs mean, the red, yellow, green, purple, they get the information on what the sign means for that day.” 

Oak Island Communications Manager Mike Emory says that from an financial standpoint, the cost to benefit of this project is very successful. 

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