Accessible beach flooring making impact in Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — For some Memorial day weekend means a nice trip to the beach. However, for those with disabilities it is not easy getting out on the sand.

A local non-profit organization making it possible for everyone to have fun in the sun.

“It’s either have something like this or just don’t go to the beach at all,” David Myers said.

Paving a way for all to enjoy the beach one step or wheel at a time.

“It brings all the people that can’t walk, to the beach! Where serenity is, where peace is, where happiness is,” resident, Candice Corbet said.

Ocean Cure is a non-profit focused on helping those with disabilities through surfing in Carolina Beach. Before the holiday, they installed this accessible beach flooring.

“Cause we know a lot of people that have disabilities and without having this ability for them to get down into the sand it makes it very difficult,” Ocean Cure Director, Kevin Murphy said.

Before now, for some going to the beach was not an option.

“You know, was once able to come out all the time and do as I please and then to be stuck up there, it’s a huge relief,” Myers said.

Tourist David Myers got into a motorcycle accident four years ago. It paralyzed him from the waist down.

“You know, before the accident I was an avid surfer and just a board sport enthusiast,” Myers said. “So that was one of the things that was taken from me.”

Now Myers is able to soak up the sun on the beach once again.

“I just hope more people get to enjoy their time at the beach. I mean, we live in a coastal community. We love being at the beach and now other people get to enjoy the same thing,” Murphy said.

It is an opportunity many are grateful for.

“Years ago I hurt my back and I couldn’t walk and I wanted to come to the beach,” Corbet said. “And I couldn’t get on the beach because I had a walker OK? If this was here I would have been able to enjoy the beach. So I think this idea is the greatest idea ever, ever.”

The accessible beach flooring will be up until Labor Day. Murphy says this is only the beginning and that he hopes to add more accesses like this across Carolina Beach in the future.

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